Monday, June 30, 2008

Here are the names of the winners of my 2008 Camping Extravaganza give away.

1. Laurie Ann at Tinkers Piggies

2.Lenore at Alphabet Soup Studio

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your wonderful ideas and recipes. I can't wait to try some of them out.

We here at the House of B's are busy getting ready to go on our Camping Extravaganza. We have also been trying to enjoy the summer that has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest.
Just when I thought I would have nothing to bitch about today or this week..........BAM!
We went from Juneary to June, oooooooooh it's sooooo hot! I can't take it!
We ( well me for sure) who resided in Western Washington are big Pansie asses, we aren't happy unless we're complaining about the weather!
This last weekend was a super busy weekend. Donna and I did some garage sales, found some very cool stuff, and got started on our base coat for this summers tan. Tooling around in the convertible with the top down, going to garages doesn't get much better then that!
Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of my fantastic finds and tell more of our Friday and Saturday fact finding mission.


Laurie Anne said...

How 'bout sending a little Paula Dean my way :0)
Why can't we just hover around the lower 70's. It has just been too hot!! I'm also jealous that you got to go garage saling, got stuck running errands and then had to hit the pool so no sales for me Can't wait to see what you got :0)

me again said...

Yowzers ... I never win anything! How cool is this? Thank you!!
I'm very cool with Laurie Anne having the cookbook; I actually have that book and think it's FANTASTIC so I know she'll love it. I am a huge Paula Deen fan; I have been to The Lady & Sons in Savannah three times now and each time has been wonderful.
Woohoo Timi, thanks again ... and thanks for your kind comment on my motorcycle photo too!
--Lennie (Lenore)