Monday, July 14, 2008

10 Days at Pacific Beach

I can't even begin to write about how much fun we had. I'm not that creative or skilled. The weather was beautiful, there was much laughter, lots of visiting, and we ate like Kings and Queens. I could have stayed another week. I love the beach! I was dreaming up ways I could make it possible to live at the beach full time on the way home yesterday. Needless to say The Hubs wouldn't stop at the casino or mini mart to by lotto tickets to set my plans in motion.

Here are a few pictures of our trip. Wish I would have gotten more but I'm the woman who is always looking for her camera or wishing she had brought a camera and honestly when I do have my camera the pictures just aren't that good. I'm just not good about taking pictures. Reason #85 why it's probably a good thing I don't have pictures of their life would be taken.

There were a couple pictures I am still kicking myself for not getting. Our last night at the beach The Hubs, Princess Spoiled Brat, The Mother and I went down to the beach at sunset to watch the sun go down in all it's beauty. We were also hoping that The Hubs would be able to finally get that kite up in the air that he had bought in Ocean Shores. He were on day 3 of being a fancy kite owner and he still hadn't found the perfect spot to fly it. What a picture moment I missed that night! Me again with no camera. The Mother and I were both upset that neither of us had thought about grabbing a camera before we headed out.
There on the beach in a beautiful sunset was The Hubs and Princess Spoiled Brat flying a kite together. It really was a perfect picture and it brings a tear to my eye to think about it. It was a beautiful, touching, and just summed up what a great time we had. Again I apologize for being the woman who NEVER has her damn camera ready!
Pictures I did manage to get
The mobile estate loaded and ready to go

We looked like the Beverly Hillbilly's going to town.

The truck was loaded with a large gas grill, propane tanks, coolers, and wrought iron furniture. Yes, I took my two vintage wrought iron chairs and glass top end table. Ended up being the one of the best decisions ever!

Charlie ready to go! He is the best travelin dog. He loves to go to the beach. Well actually he just loves to go anywhere.

This is some of the view from the RV Park and some of the camp sites at Pacific Beach Resort. We were so excited to be right up against the fence with a great view. WRONG! Great view, the wind blew threw our camp every day so hard you couldn't really be outside. This isn't the ideal spot, beautiful but not ideal.

This was the mobile estate all set up with B flag flying, lights on the awning, and monogrammed B chairs with our little portable propane camp fire. Which really was nice in the evenings. We also used it to cook fijitas on one night and it worked like a dream. Pictures???? uhmmmmm no!

The Hubs and Charlie having a beer and posing for pictures.

WSU Laura and Family ended up having the coolest most popular campsite in the place! Everyday they got more and more kids that showed up for bike riding and smores!

More pictures of the kids having fun roasting marshmallows over the COOLEST handmade WSU fire pit you have ever seen. I wish my pictures were better for you. It really is a work of art.

This was the mid-week posse of kids. By Friday the posse was much bigger. I love how kids don't care who they hang out with. As long as you have a bike and good snacks your part of the group!

This was one of our pancake morning feeds. This group is a little smaller then usual. Most of the other kids had inhaled breakfast and left on bikes already.

Oh Food Network had nothing on us! We ate very well all week. The Mother brought fresh strawberries with her from the Skagit Valley. In my opinion you don't find better berries then Sakuma Brother berries. We had shortcake one night, then next morning we had buttermilk pancakes with fresh strawberries and blueberries on them. Again.........where's the pictures??????

This was our beer can chicken night. These were lovely! They turned out great. We used two different cooking devices and the one on the right, the little inexpensive one that just holds a can and has some supports worked the best. The big fancy expensive one with the veggie tray attached to it..........took a long time to cook, not to mention if you put veggies in there like suggested.....they would be burned up by the time your chicken was done.

Pacific Beach Resort has a little 4 lane bowling alley. The kids and adults played many games. I think WSU Laura's #2 son will be one to watch for the next bowling champion. Here really is a great bowler.

How many people does it take to try and figure out how to keep score manually? I'm not sure they ever did figure it out. We really are spoiled by the latest and greatest in technology.

Not only did The Hubs get beat by a 7 year old, the same said 7 year old showed him how to keep score. The Hubs got a schoolin! He's now all fired up to the Wii so he can practice.

The Mother showing off her bowling skills. Many years ago she was on a bowling league where she proclaimed to have won trophies. I'm not sure those skills where enough to beat Son #2

Son #2 and Princess Spoiled Brat playing in the water

The Hubs and Charlie playing in the water. Yes, that is a really long leash he has for Charlie. 90 feet to be exact. When not on a leash Charlie takes off and forgets to come back. He escaped one one day out of the trailer by pushing open the screen door. He took off so fast that he was the talk of the camp ground. The Hubs and I had people stopping by all afternoon asking "did you find your dog?" and "Wow, that's one fast dog!" He stays on a leash!

***Side note**** I did find Charlie after he escaped, he was on the top fort of the play ground structure with some poor kid pinned to the floor licking him to death. How he got up there I'll never know! I guess when there are kids to be licked to death nothing will get in a dogs way!

The kids playing some more

Princess Spoiled Brat showing me that the water really wasn't very cold. She's 6 and doesn't know what the hell she's talking about! It was freezing cold!

Princess Spoiled Brat waiting for her ice cream at the Falcons Nest. This really was the best little spot in Pacific Beach. The guys and woman who run this are truly the poster children for good customer service. The food and ice cream were awesome too!

The Mother waiting for ice cream too

A full afternoon at the beach playing. I walked in to the bedroom and found Princess Spoiled Brat and Charlie out! Did I mention I got to sleep in a bed of sand that night?

Some other places worth mentioning that we found in our adventures to Pacific Beach;

59 Main.........very cute little beach gift shop and cafe. The people were super nice and let WSU Laura and I take over the TV at 4 to watch Oprah one day. I'm sorry they didn't have a website or any links so I could show you how cute this shop was. Stop in if your in the neighborhood. You won't be disappointed.

Going Coastal in Ocean Shores........Fun little store. Lots of fun retro items. They also have the best selection of beach cruiser bikes. Stop in this little shop, you will have a great time. The owners are super nice and fun to visit with.

WSU Laura's mother Mother S makes some of the most beautiful jewelery. She made me this gorgeous necklace and bracelet while we were at the beach. It has all the beach colors in it. I LOVE IT!

This was a great trip! We learned a lot about long term camping, we got camping tips from some of the pros at the camp ground, we met some wonderful new people, we came home sun burned and faces peeling, 5 lbs heavier, found that we could live without TV and the Internet and have stacks and stacks of dirty laundry.

Now that I have my Internet and TV addiction back in full swing and am back to feeling guilty that I have once again wasted an ENTIRE day blogging I'm off to clean out the mobile estate and work on my laundry piles that reach the ceiling. I'm hoping to get it all done before The Hubs gets home and wonders what in the hell DIDN'T happen here today.

*****BLOG UP DATE*******

I just discovered a huge problem here at The House of B's!

I have a weeks worth of Blogs, Days of Our Lives , Food Network Star and Design Star to catch up on. On top of all this stress I just walked out and got the mail that was delivered today after being held for 10 days. GOOD GRIEF! Magazines and catalogs that need to be looked through and read! The stress is mounting........never mind the sand everywhere, the over grown lawn, the dead plants, and the laundry to the ceiling!

Can you spot the potential hazard that could occur here if I had not been paying attention???

Yeah! That's right! I could have started my magazine reading, catalog shopping, mail going through, catching up on TV with only a half a bag of Ruffles and 1 Diet Coke left! Well, and Charlie taking over my new lounge chair is a problem too. That's easy he'll share with me if I share a chip or two with him! Thank god I caught this hazard before it even got started! The Hubs is picking up Diet Coke as we speak!

That was close!


WSU Laura said...

OMG...that could have been a Catastrophe or should I say COKEstraphe! He he he, I crack myself up.

Timi said...

That is good! I'm so stealing that! Cokestraphe is going to be my new word!

Donna said...

You are on it with the blogging!!!!

A Thing for Roses said...

What a fun time you had. Thanks for showing all of your great pics. Makes me want to head back to the beach. So glad you had a great time. Check in with my blog on Wednesday for a special giveaway.