Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ducks vs Cougs

A Behind The Barn Ass Whoopin!

It was a behind the barn ass whoopin for the Cougs this weekend. Final score 63-14. Sad little game where most of it was played at one end of the field (because of this our seats were PHENOMENAL!) and we all agreed we would have just liked to seen a good game. With that said......I'm just going to show you some of the pictures I took and a little explanation. Some of them I can't even explain. I don't know what the hell these people were doing!

Before I get started, let me tell you something about the the Coug Fans.............they don't care about the losing, who they are playing, or what the weather is like! They are there to support their team, support the University, and have a good time with family and friends. If you are EVER fortunate enough to be invited by a loyal fan or fanatic (like our friends) you need to go! I don't care if you don't care for football or not. This is a life experience that you shouldn't miss out on. It's more than just a game and you will come home with some great life lessons that will warm your little heart. Well, that's if you don't try keepin up drinkin with your Coug Friends!

So The Hubs and I left on Thursday to head on over to Pullman Washington. From Snohomish it's a 303 mile trip making it a 4 hours and 55 minute trip. Between Ellensburg and Pullman there is NOTHING! Sorry to all those people who live between here and there reading right now that I'm offending. You know I'm right! This trip is beautiful but it's fields and sage brush as far as the eye can see. That's about 200 miles of NOTHING. The Hubs and I did this trip at night so it was twice as boring but we knew the end result was going to be worth it.

The Hubs and I in front of the Mobile Estate all decked out in Oregon Duck. Even Charlie couldn't escape a spiffy collar and leash with Oregon Ducks on it.Our little tailgating/camping area. The Hubs and I were surrounded with trailers and campers decked out in everything crimson and gray. It was so fun to see all of the trailers, motor homes, campers, kids, dogs, and whatever stood still long enough decorated.
These were a couple pictures I snapped quickly of some of the fans setting up their spots. These are tame compared to some of them we saw.

At night it was fun to see this whole area lite up like a Christmas tree with lights camp fires, and big "Butch" (WSU Mascot) blow ups everywhere. Our camp wasn't exempt from this.

On Friday our Coug Alumni friends took us on a little tour of the WSU campus. What a beautiful campus. We went to the Bookie so the girls could do a little shopping for MORE STUFF and I watched, took notes and made an inventory list so that next week when I'm in Eugene I can make sure I get the same ........................Or ONE UP THEM!

The girls at the Coug

After hiking through the campus (and I mean hiking, this campus is built on hills) we ended up at a WSU Icon. The Coug for some beers and burgers. This place is something else. The decor.........graffiti done by the students.

The guys at The Coug

All of us at The Coug

These are our new Duck BFF's from Bend Oregon. They came over with some other WSU friends from Bend. It was nice to have a little back up in our camp.

After many pitchers of beer, it was back to camp where the Tailgate Golf Game WAS ON! If you don't have one of these games for your RV, Trailer, or in your tailgating paraphernalia you need to get one. It's fun!

So it was on. Duck vs Coug in Tailgate Golf! Mix this game with some male testosterone, beer, and a big game coming up and you get..............the funniest damn thing you have ever seen.

Apparently The Hubs had a couple good shots and thought he was "The Master." This is his Karate Kid pose he was doing before every shot.

The concentration and coordination for this game is something to be seen. As you can tell by all the looks on the faces of those playing and the beer in the other hand. It's just a matter of time before this is an Olympic Sport.

and the day and evening ended with game after game, eating lots of good food, and laughing with old friends and new friends.

Saturday Game Day

After a good night sleep (none of us got to bed on Thursday night/Friday morning before 3 am and then up again on Firday at 6 or 7ish) we were all up early on Saturday morning. Dressed in our best game day outfits, showered, teeth brushed, hair combed, we looked like we were all ready for church. Yes, to some ..........this is church!

After lost credit cards, car keys, trailer keys, and cell phones had all been located from Friday night's drinking festivities... Grandparents, Aunts and Friends were then contacted to check on kids. After all this, the day was ready to start. We started with a huge breakfast made by WSU Laura and husband and our new/old friends The Gottheirshittogethers (These are the fabulous people who were on our July 28th camping trip FROM HELL). It was fabulous! Hearty, full of bread and just what we needed to start soaking up a little adult beverage. WSU Laura needs to post her fabulous French Toast Casserole recipe for you. It's a keeper!

Now WSU Laura busted out some fabulous WSU plates, cups, and cutlery for her WSU friends to eat their wonderful breakfast on. Not to be out done I had to get out my Oregon plates,napkins, and cutlery for my new Duck BFF's.

Take that Beeeeeeeeeatch! Try to one up me? I think not!

Then came out the cocktails. Not to be one-upped by WSU Laura, I busted out the Bloody Mary fixins. Complete with homemade pickled asparagus, (made by a friend of the family Darlene Mathis who makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker) prawns and black olives. Of course I used nothing but the best Vodka in order to try and one-up WSU Laura. This is hard to do, so I had to pull out all my tricks.

I was workin on getting Mr. Gotthiershittogether to come on over to the Oregon side with one of my tasty drinks. He gladly drank and raved, drank and raved but no dice on becoming a Duck Fan. Typical Coug........you can lure them with tasty cocktails but you can't break their loyalty!

Then it was off to the game!

The beating of Butch on the way to the game. Not only a beating but a beating by a Duck fan with a beer in his hand. Poor Butch!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. It's The Hubs and his new special friend! This guy was such a good sport. I'm not sure who had more to drink and who was more special ????????

WSU Laura and I were in a friendly competition of getting some great pictures of outfits being worn to the game. I found the best outfit that definitely fell under the category of "I never know what to wear to a game" and I made the mistake of pointing it out to Laura. Well, GAME ON!! We ran over to get a photo but we needed something to hide behind.Look at these two 6 ft + tall drinks of water! Yeah that's right, I fell for it! Laura ran over struck up a conversation, letting them know what we were doing and as I was right in the middle of licking my eyebrows and drooling, Laura snapped the picture! BEEEEEEEEEEEATCH! I didn't get a picture! I missed it. You will have to go over to her blog to see the photo. Oh well.............I got the hotties picture. I might have even touched one of them! It wasn't inappropriate, it was friendly! Give me a break I'm married!

Now I don't know if these guys are single or not but if your in the market let me know. They have my e-mail address, if they get a hold of me I'll get the stats on them! Thanks guys for letting us act like women who don't get out much and just laughing! You were great sports.
Here is The Hubs and WSU Laura's Hubs waiting on us to take pictures and talk to hot guys. Can you see the look of disgust on their faces. Too bad my camera didn't pick up the head shaking. Oh well.........nothing a good seat at a football game and a beer won't take care of! I was told on the way up to our seats by WSU Laura's Hubs that I wasn't allowed to hang out with her anymore. Yeah! Whatever, it's not like I haven't heard it before!
These two young men were behind us in line. They were cracking me up. Loved the shirt! (Yes, that's how Oregon is really pronounced.)
Check out this stadium! It was full! Crimson and gray as far as the eye could see. It really was something to behold.
Now how many minutes are in a quarter? 15? Look how many minutes are left in the FIRST QUARTER and the score. 7-0 12 minutes 30 seconds left.

Game still not going well for the Cougs. I snapped a lot of pictures of the score board to post but then decided..........why? There is a point where it's just being mean and rude.

These guys were sitting in front of us. They were so damn funny. They made the game fun. When the chips were down they started joking around, laughing, and still cheering their team. They never stopped!

All three of them were dressed alike, and had matching tattoos. Can you see them? WSU Logo on one arm, Cougar on the other. John who is on the right hand side was kind enough to send me an e-mail with them on the local news. Thank you John!

Click here..... Coug Fan

If you happen to see get the ad with Dave Smith Motors first.......I highly recommend them! That's where we bought our gas hog. It was a great truck buying experience and we will buy from them again even if they are 500 miles away. No money was received for this plug but if Dave Smith motors wants to contact me for future advertising please feel free. I'm easily bought!

More fun stadium pictures
Oregon Ducks Marching Band. They are good but they didn't hold their own against the Coug Marching Band which was GREAT!

Our new Duck BFF's. They were fun! We can't wait to see them next time we do an Oregon vs. Cougs game.

Side note.....................This is how Charlie spent his 3 days in Pullman! Buried to his shoulders in holes. He must have dug to China a couple times. He was the happiest dog in the world! The dirtiest but happiest. At one point I walked around the trailer to see what he was doing and he was digging this hole and flinging dirt on the sidewalk at people walking buy. This is where his whole digging came to an end. Not to metion he was so dirty that he went from white to dark khaki color.

So the game ended not on a high note for the Cougs but that's ok because as we learned from our Coug friends it's not all about the game. We returned to our camp/tailgate site to have some dinner, drinks, and laugh so hard our sides hurt.

Check out WSU Laura's trailer all decked out with lights, blow up Butch and anything WSU you can imagine.
Now check out our lights.............yeah thats right, the bright green and gold almost burned your eyes out with their brightness. They were so bright I couldn't get a clear picture.
The Hubs and I had the best time this weekend. Even though it was dirt camping which I don't really like to do, we had a fantastic time. I will say the Honda Generator 2000 that The Hubs bought (and I gave him grief over) last week was the best purchase ! He won't hear another peep out of me about it.

On Saturday morning The Hubs and I took Charlie on a walk through Big Money RV Tailgate Land and looked around at all the cool gadgets, bbq's, and camping trick shit that we didn't have. We now have a list of items we HAVE TO HAVE. It was fun to look at everyones decorations and set up. We met some great people. There was a woman there in a brand new Bambi Airstream that we chatted with for a long time. I wish I would have gotten her name and e--mail information. IF YOUR READING CONTACT ME!

Sunday Morning Going Home.......................................
So after lots of hugs, good bys, and promises to see each other soon we were off for the long drive home. The Hubs and I always have the discussion on the way home from a trip called "what did we learn this weekend camping?" Usually this discussion is about things we need or would do different but this time it was more of discussion of how much fun we had, how great our friends are and how we will soooooooooooooooooooo be inviting ourselves back for Homecoming next year. We don't care who the Cougs play we are going back! Of course we did discuss all the new gadgets and Oregon Duck stuff we need to start looking for but for the most part it was a reflection on friendship, loyalty, pride, and just being gracious to others.
So to end this long winded blog posting I'm going to leave you with a few pictures I snapped on the ride home. It's a beautiful place Eastern Washington. If you have a chance to visit don't pass it up.

My crappy picture of us following WSU Laura home.

This is a picture of a barn somewhere between No Where and NO Freakin Where. It was a huge barn. Most Eastern Washington residents are known for being huge Coug Fans.

The mighty Columbia River at Vantage. Another beautiful place here in Washington State

I thought this photo of the Columbia River was the perfect picture to end this blog with................AWESOME, FANTASTIC, and BEAUTIFUL!



Laurie Anne said...

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT time. Isn't the drive to Pullman a drag (that's why I only went as far as E-burg)I have to agree that there is NOTHING like a Coug fan, they are hardcore. Joji is Coug, but since he started out as a Husky (oh the shame) I think that his couginess is a little more on the mild side. That being said, when Ben gets his letter of intent from WSU you can bet he will be there reborn into the religion of the Crimson and Grey. Amen

WSU Laura said...

Great post! I am so glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Ummm is this picture blogworthy?

Hey Laurie Anne when Ben goes to school you and Joji can join us tailgating because you know darn well we will still be there.

Go Cougs!

Lisa said...

I am soooooo jealous. Why did I have children? Remind me. This looks like much more fun than they are.
Do you know I am an alcoholic, too? We would be great friends..

ha ah ahhahahahahahahahahahahha..
I wanna camp with the girl named Timi!! (and WSU laura.)

thanks for those kindly words on the old blog today. SHE would be right along with me, as she was a great drinker of booze and beer also! Lord, how I miss her.
you rock.
Iam a sorry looser for not mailling out your blog giveaway. I think about mailing it every day..it still is sitting there.
just call me looser lisa