Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Have We
Gotten Ourselves In To????

We are off !

Oregon Ducks
WSU Cougs

This will be a great time! The Hubs and I have never been over to Pullman, home of Washington State University . The Hubs originally from Eugene Oregon is a big Ducks fan so WSU Laura, WSU Husband and all their WSU Friends invited us over to the Homecoming game and festivities, I mean (I was corrected.)...........for Tailgating! These people are FANATICS! I'm sure The Hubs and I have no idea what we are getting ourselves in to.

I have been working all week on making food to take, tryin to pimp out the Mobile Estate in green and gold, making sure Charlie has green and gold to sport, and getting everything green and gold that we own is in that trailer! There is no way we will ever be able to compete with WSU Laura and WSU Husband with pimpin(I'm more of the chic your ride kind of girl) our ride, but by God we sure are going to look like we at least tried!

So today the Mobile Estate is loaded, we are Ducked Out in green and gold, and stocked with lots of extra batteries for the camera.

I'm sure on Monday I will have a TON of incriminating pictures for show and tell. If not incriminating they will be fun! I'll work on my photography skills this time.

Stay tuned!



Laurie Anne said...

You are going to have such a blast.
Can't wait to see the pics :0)

April said...

Do not underestimate the power of green and yellow/gold!! Your presence alone is all you will need ... our boys will take care of the rest!! Have a great time - can't wait to see your pics!!


sheila from life @ #17 said...

okay catching up:

1) congrats to the Husband...Way to Go!

2) good strategizing throughout the generator thing for the Kettle

3) the drapes look great...

4) have Fun :)

cara said...

Came here via the Nester.. I'm also in WA, up on Whidbey.. and I'm totally lovin' your blog!!! You've really had me Laughing Out Loud a few times...

WSU Laura said...

You know it isn't about the game but the stuff...right?