Monday, October 20, 2008

Barn House

Saturday morning I sprang out of bed at 5 am! The day had finally come. I had read about it, heard about it, and today was the day I was going to get to see it with my very own eyes.

I got up, pretended that I felt like a million bucks (so The Hubs would give me a hall pass) and got ready to go. Michele was at my house bright and early 7 am and we were on the road to pick up Donna. Then it was on the road 3 - 4 hours (depending on how many stops)to Vancouver WA destination..............................

Barn House Sale. I had been wanting to go to one of their sales all spring and summer but things were just to busy. Today I was going hell or high water, dead or alive! The drive out was beautiful. None of us had ever been out to the Battle Ground area in Vancouver. It was a gorgeous fall day. The trees were beautiful, sun was shining and you couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

Michele in the cute little floral CAbi Sweatshirt, myself, and Donna

Yeah, I'm the dork with her eyes closed. It's my picture thing. Some people don't smile, some people always look beautiful, some people make faces. Me......I close my eyes!

As soon as we arrived we were greeted in the parking lot by these fabulous ladies. Fellow blogging buddies. Lisa, Joy, and (a new friend) Shelia. Isabel was also there but she was super busy with the camera. Thank you Isabel! So we chatted with the girls, meet the hosts of this shin dig.....Joe and Jermonne. They were all dressed up and looked verrrrrrrrry scary. Did I get pictures? Uhmmmmmmmmmm NO! Why? Because........I was so busy talking to everyone, coughing my lungs out, and looking around I forgot. Go over to
Isabel's blog for some fabulous photos. She always does an amazing job on the pictures. Shelia has some great photos too so go visit her too. I saw Joy with a camera a snappin like crazy so I bet she will have some great photos also.

This is the entry way. It was so inviting, you could see the beautiful food spread and lovely Mimosas from the parking lot. It really looked beautiful. Made you want to jump out of your car and run right up there!

The barn entrance. Spectacular!

Some of the many displays

I tried to get a good picture of the ceiling. It was really cool. Very woodsy, spooky and romantic all at the same time.

Loved the little test tubes hanging all over in the trees with mini pumpkins in them. Great idea!

We had a wonderful time! There were all kinds of other antique shows and craft shows in the area and we hit all of them. It was just fun to drive around and sight see. We even saw a camel standing in the middle of a field in the middle of no where. It was just so funny and odd all at the same time. Then we ventured up to Portland to Monticello Antique Marketplace for lunch and a little looksie. I had heard about this place and all it's fabulousness but had never been there so while I was so close I was going!
What a great place. One should put this on their list of MUST VISIT places in Portland Oregon. It's right off The 205 at Stark St. Super easy to find. We had lunch there with Joy and Sheila. The company was wonderful and the lunch was very good. Thank you Joy and Shelia for joining us we had so much fun visiting with you both of you.
Then it was the long drive back home. We chatted about politics, gossiped about high school classmates, talked about husbands, old boyfriends, and how our parents still drive us nuts and which homes we should think about putting them in. KIDDING!
I got home about 8 pm, tired, more sick then when I left and excited to tell The Hubs all about the trip. When I put down my handbag on the counter and looked downstairs to my shock and horror you will never guess what I saw.

Any guess of what The Hubs did all day unsupervised?

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll show pictures......................


A Thing for Roses said...

So very fun to see you this weekend. Wish I could have stayed and had lunch with you. We definitely need to plan a shopping trip somewhere "in the middle" sometime. Hope you're feeling better soon! Can't wait to find out what the Hubs did.



Stephanie said...

Wasnt that the most coolest place ever?! It was like a Disneyland for adults.. well women anyways!!
I wished we could of met. I was there with some other fellow bloggers and I know Joy, Isabel, Sheila and Lisa quite well( we live by in the same area!!)
.I had not even planned on not going at all, but Pam ( my grandkids rock) asked me to go and off we went!
All of us bloggers from the pacific nw
should all meet someday , somewhere and have a Bloggers Get together, wouldnt that be so much fun?!!
Anywho, I will quit rambeling .. thanks for taking and posting pics. I FORGOT my camera- thats like a sin !
Hope your feeling better,

Lisa said...

J E A L O U S!!
what did you buy?
Why do you close your eyes?
Im NERVOUS to see all the unsupervised photos..lord...

loved the photos of barn house.
coastal nest

Maison Douce said...

Timi, it was so much fun to see you again this weekend, I just wish we had had more time to spend together, I was running in the afternoon to try and catch my daughters' gymnastics meet...!! We would love to have you come over and visit again soon!! Maybe Expo?!! Take care,

Halo Hill said...

Hi Timi! It was soooo much fun meeting you and your "home girls" last weekend! What fun you all are!! I can't wait to see you all again. We'll compare notes, and hook up at a cool location sometime soon!

Hugs to you all!