Thursday, October 23, 2008

Candidates and Shoes
Yeah, I'm still on that kick

As some of you know, last week while I was sick with the flu and watching the Presidential Debates I made a decision that I would make my history making,most important vote of my life selection for President based on the candidates shoes.

I know, you might think this isn't the most efficient way to make a monumental decision. One that will change the future of our country and perhaps that of other countries too. A persons shoe choice or non choice says a lot about them. Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Green, Female, Male, or Hermaphrodite doesn't matter. Shoes are the insight to all knowing of a person. Well eyes say a lot too but shoes are right up there in the top 5 things you should notice about a person.

In my dating days, no brand name, cheap, scuffed, tattered, worn or ugly shoes on the feet by my potential suitor was a DEAL BREAKER. Call me shallow I don't care. There is some fact to this.

A bloggin buddy of mine (who is waaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter then me) sent this photo to me yesterday and asked me what I thought about it. Well it sparked a great discussion between the two of us and we decided it was TOTALLY blog worthy.
I think it could say a lot of things good or bad about our Presidential Candidate but I'm interested in what you think it says.
Let me know, I'm curious to your thoughts.

****No pricey shoes were harmed in this post for the sake of conversation. The photo was also not checked for authenticity. I didn't care, I was more interested in the discussion.

Have a great day!


Wendy Girl said...

I dont like Obama.
This just goes to show that he is in his comfort zone. He isnt willing to get rid of the comfy to make things better.
Or he stepped in gum. The picture isnt really good enough to tell.
Either way, SHOES ROCK...

Laurie Anne said...

Clearly these shoes have seen a lot of miles. He had to earn those worn spots. I think there are a lot of folks "making due" with what they have right now. (Not everyone gets to go on NM shopping sprees) It shows that he is just like everyone else.

lisagh said...

Either way you look at the situation, this is a picture with a real interesting story behind it.

Lateda said...

Cheers to the NM shopping spree by Palin! I am ALL about shopping! Glad to see MY campaign donations going to a good cause! ha!
Obamas shoes are surely against his "CHANGE" speeches! Time to change the shoes... maybe with the money he plans on taking from Joe the Plumber and all the other "RICH" people out there.
Socialism.. perfect! Maybe the government can buy us ALL new shoes too!

Ruth Ann said...

I think it just goes to show you that he's the real deal! He doesn't need to hide behind fancy clothes or shoes for that matter! He is who he is! And he isn't a wolf in sheep's clothing like some others we may know! Just my opinion. Thanks for sharing the photo!

Lisa said...

Sing it sister! Lateda, youve hit the nail on the head.
NoBama--no way..
way to stick your neck out Timi. Its kinda sparkin the guardrail saying your a fan, you know. The haters are out there..

you know who I am out here by the waves..