Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Got A Question

Now that we are all addicted to Facebook and it's not a secret anymore, lets talk about it a little.
If your not addicted yet please get on board. You will love it! Your family will love you glued to the computer or crackberry 24/7!
Specifically, lets talk about pictures posted.
Now none of my friends (that I know of) have put up bad pictures. When I say bad I mean not at all appropriate.

Photos of being drunk, naked, sexual, pot smoking, coke snorting, you get the picture.....
Thank you for that!
That's not something I need to see. I won't judge but it's just not something I need to see.
I have seen some unflattering pictures put up there, but HEY! that's how it is sometimes if your not a supermodel.

I suffer from unflattering photo syndrome myself. Again...I'm not here to judge.

So I was looking through some pictures last week. These aren't friends of mine they were pictures that my friends had been tagged in by friends of theirs.
I use the label friends Facebook the term "friends" means something different. You addicts know what I'm talkin about.

I was just being nosey so I looked through ALL the pictures in that album posted by the friend of a friend.

Yes, you can do that!

If you think that tagging someone only lets them view it.........Your wrong!
Now there may be some way to block people from seeing... I don't know, and from the looks of these pictures.........nobody else knows either.

Now you're asking....."Why did she do that? She wasn't tagged it's really none of her business".

Why? Because I can... and I'm nosey!

So here is my question..............
If you see a friend, relative or a co-worker's kid(under of over the age of 18) that has been tagged in pictures that show them in an unflattering or illegal light, do you tell the parent?

If you see a photo of someone (over 18) that the picture will probably do them harm later in life when looking for a job, trying to get into college, wanting to join an organization or just how others view them, do you say something or just let it go?

The Hubs and I had this discussion. If the person is over 30 and posting stupid pictures I'm not going to say a word. Dumb is dumb! I'm talking 20 something and younger when being stupid can still be considered an unfortunate mistake.

What do you do? Is saying something being a tattletale? Being Nosey Nellie? I hate confrontation so saying something to someone would be really hard for me. If it's a really good friend I think I could but what if it's not? What does one do?

If you think potential employers, customers, neighbors, friends, enemies aren't googling your name, you are in SERIOUS DENIAL!
I do it all the time. I did it to a waitress that we had at a restaurant last week. She's not all peaches and cream like I thought!

When writing blogs, posting pictures or doing something stupid I try to subscribe to the advice my Dad gave me when I was a teenager.

"If you're embarrassed for us (my parents) to know about it or anyone to know about it then you ought not be doin it!"

What does one do? Blab or keep your mouth shut?


kal said...

Oh Please.... if my kids are naughty I want to know about it. I'm all about busting my kids! :-)

Karen said...

I hate it when I'm put in that position, but, you'd better tell. Did you know that Facebook actually can use anything we put on facebook? Pictures, they can use them like they're theirs! Also, when you see something inapporopriate, you can click on the report button. I did have a friend who tagged an inappropriate photo, then it popped up on ALL of our FBs; I think if she'd have just reported it, it wouldn't have been as bad. I'm not sure how many reports they need to get it taken off, though. Yep, better find a way to tell.

the hearts of hartmann said...

Like we tell our kids, if you wouldnt 'do it' or 'say it' with us, your parents present- you probably shouldnt 'do it' or 'say it'! However, I have been the "whistle blower" on a couple different incidents and it back fired in my face because the other parent said, "Not my child!" .I then vowed to never say Boo! again, unless its life or death......
Anywho- thats just my 2 cents :)
Have a great day and Yes, Im addicted to FB!

Auntie Joy said...

Go ahead and tell me which one was it?
If you catch my husband with another woman I absolutely would want to know!

Barn House said...

Don't say anything...what if something worse is on the way and you miss out???? lol

Our really empty nest said...

WOW great question, but I am no help, I am torn. I guess go with your gut feeling. How did your surgery go? I hope all is well, I will keep checking back in. Sue

mishebe said...

wow never thought about that. Now that even makes me more firm on not joining facebook. Not like i have any thing to Got those crown stakes at Faded Elegance. I knew you would like the mishelle

AGSoccerMom said...

Yes I would tell. and I would want to know. Right now we have an idiot driving around schools trying to pick up kids, their safety is more important. Wether it's drugs, drinking or sex. I would want to know.

Our really empty nest said...

Girl I keep checking back on you. Hope you are feeling well and everything went well with your surgery, stop over when you get back so i know you are alright! Sue