Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jesus Loves Casseroles Week 2

Week #2

Here it is already week 2 of Jesus Loves Casseroles. I promise this won't be the only thing you see on my blog. I'm still out there causing mayhem and kayos. I'll have some updates for you soon.

It's a busy time here at The House of B's with the family reunion this weekend.

This weeks recipe is from my Donna.

As you all know Donna is a good friend and is my kayos and mayhem enabler most of the time.

Bless her heart!

Donna says "This is a recipe I would always make for company and/or dates when I was in my early 20s because I thought it was fancy!"

Oh-So-Good Chicken Casserole

4 teaspoons olive oil

2 cups (8 oz fresh mushrooms, sliced)

1 can (4 oz) green ortega chilies, diced

1 jar (16 oz) mild picante sauce

8 oz cooked chicken, diced

2 cups cooked rice

6 tablespoons lite sour cream

4 oz cheddar cheese, grated


Heat oil and saute mushrooms; stir in chilies and picante sauce. Simmer 5 to 10 minutes. In a casserole, place diced chicken, cover with all but 3/4 cups of the sauce; combine rice, sour cream and reserved sauce and spread over chicken. Heat casserole for 20 to 30 minutes until bubbly. Sprinkle on cheese and paprika. Heat 5 minutes more or until cheese melts.

These made me smile when I was looking for pictures. This recipe was sent to me by my friend Trudy.
Trudy and I met about 20 years ago through an old boyfriend. We hit it off, my boyfriend dumped me and I ended up getting to keep Trudy after the break up.
A much better deal by far! Trudy has been a good friend to me over the years.

Orzo salad
1 lb orzo
3 TBS olive oil
3/4 C crumbled feta cheese
1/2 C dried cranberries
1/4 C toasted pinenuts
Fresh basil leaves - cut into strips (however much you want, I prefer alot)
Cook orzo according to directions on the package. Drain pasta, drizzle with olive oil, and spread out on cookie sheet to cool. Once cool, mix in remaining ingredients. Chill.
This is my favorite summer salad and the boys really like it too! Sometimes I add a little more oil when mixing the rest of the ingredients in. You can vary this by adding dried cherries instead of cranberries, or Parmesan cheese instead of feta, whatever you like.

This recipe was sent to me my friend Beth Merritt.
Beth and I met years ago (about 20+) when we worked together. I was going through a tough time in life then (the above mentioned break up) and Beth was always a comfort to me.
I thought then she was an amazingly talented woman and I admired that in her.
We drifted apart but I never forgot her. You don't ever forget people who were kind to you when you really needed a little kindness.
Beth and I have recently connected again and I'm thrilled.
It's salad it has to be good for you right?
Eat as much as you like.
Core and chop about 5 or 6 granny smith apples.
chop up about 5 snicker bars the size of small marshmallows.
stir in 1 tube of cool whip (reg., lite or fat free)
garnish salad with some of the chopped candy bars.
ENJOY! it's sinfully delicious!
I have to brag about Beth for a minute because she rocks!
Beth moved from our small home town to Hawaii and is loving it.
She told me that she turned 50 and was unemployed, away from her family and not feeling so hot about life when she first moved there.
She stumbled on to her dream job.
She is doing what she loves to do
That's right friend Beth is on LOST
Here are some pictures of her working.
She is dirty lady background survivor #1
I love that she is a role model for "it's never to late to do what you love" and "everything happens for a reason"

Beth I know your reading and I have always thought you were the bomb! Now everyone knows it.

That's it for Jesus Loves Casseroles today.
This has been really fun. It's been great to see all the different recipes and to hear the stories. I'm looking forward to more.
I want to hear from you!
Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July
I'll have lots of pictures and stories for you next week.


Sammy Girl said...

Thanks for the recipes and notes that we REALLY can do ANYTHING .... even if we are over 50 lol!
Betty :)
ps ... we met at Joy's crown-making blog party AGES ago ...

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Looks like good stuff! We will have to try them.

Linda & Dixie

A Thing for Roses said...

I totally forgot about that snicker's salad recipe. I'm totally going to make it tonight. I don't care what Eric says. Thanks to Beth for reminding me. OMG! I love that your friend is on Lost. It is my most favorite show. So cool! Love your Jesus loves casseroles posts. Keep em coming!



Alicia said...

Orzo salad & Naveen ANdrews...hold him closer Beth, just once for me!!!
Thanks for the recipe & have a happy fourth!!!

Kim G. said...

Lovin' the casseroles! And, holy smokes! You're buds with a regular super star! I LOVE Lost! Awesome.

Terra said...

Yum, going to try these!

common ground said...

I have to admit I did a real double take on the "Jesus Loves Casseroles" title, but it is so so true. Thanks for the explanation. I'm putting you on my blog list, because I love your sense of humor and the recipes are "divine". tehe.