Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Have A Fun Hangover

Oh it's been busy busy busy around here.
I apologize that I'm behind on my blogging, blog reading, and blog maintenance.

I promise to start getting caught up this week.

The last couple weeks have been super busy working with Annie on getting things ready for this last weekend and The Hot Blogust Night event. I also have had summer family visits and general everyday stuff that has just gotten me behind on everything.
It all started on Friday when Lisa and Isabel made the 4 hour trip from Portland to my house for their weekend stay.

The plan.........
Junkin', eatin', meetin' other bloggers, readers and more eatin'.

Friday night I threw a party
Junk Swap
This was an idea that my friend Dani gave me and it was so fabulous that I had to do it right away.
I couldn't think of a better time or group of women to try it out on.

Lisa and Isabel. Jana in the backgroundThe table of food.

One can't have a party without A LOT of food.
Have ya ever been to a party with no food?
Yeah I know!
Let's not even go there.
Jana and Annie laughing at me.

I might need to get new people
I'm currently taking applications for new peeps!

They were laughing at me because my camera fell on the ground and broke in to a million pieces. I picked it up, put it back together and tried to snap this picture. The camera seemed like it was going to work but it didn't. So I was putting the camera down and it just started snapping pictures like it had a mind of it's own.

This picture of Annie and Jana laughing was one of the random pictures it started taking on it's own.
The camera is now on the dining room table with flowers around it. One of it's crappy pictures beside it.
You may stop by and view it and give me your condolences between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm.
Please bring a Diet Coke with you.
I'm in mourning!
I have had that crappy camera for many years. We have taken a lot of crappy pictures together.
Ok, back to the party............
Being all cute and funny like always.
The ladies chatting, drinking, and picking numbers.

Here is how the Junk Swap worked
Everyone brought 2 junk items.
This could be some fabulous find that didn't work out for you, something you made, or something brand new. All the items were clean, working and ready to go to a new home.
Price range, size, and style didn't matter.
We spread them all out on a table for display.
We drew numbers to determine the order in which we would choose.

One by one we looked over all the fabulous stuff and carefully choose one item.
Then after everyone had chose something we drew numbers again to change up the order for round 2.

This is the first time I have done this but it was so much fun we are thinking of doing it at least once a month.
Maybe change up the theme a little

That concludes my pictures of my party so this will also conclude my sharing portion of the weekend. Go to these blogs for more pictures and stories of the evening. They all had cameras.

Saturday morning Lisa, Isabel and I got up and did a little local junkin before the blog party.

I think they did pretty well
A truck load
and I mean a load
Lisa unloading some of her loot.

Lots of fun finds.
I'm going camera shopping so I can take pictures of all my great finds to show you.
No pictures of the blog party for me
No camera

This was a really fun evening. It was nice to finally meet some fellow bloggers and readers.

I found out that I live within walking distance (if one liked to walk) of Melanie and apparently Kim lives only a short drive away.

Who would have guessed that I lived so close to such talented women.

Don't think I'm not going to be showing up on their door steps hoping that some of their creativeness will rub off on me.

You know the whole "product of your environment" theory.
I'm fixin' to try this theory out on all of these ladies.

Each store had cocktails and appetizers out for tasting;
They had special in store discounts;
Annie had door prize drawings,
and we voted on the best blog badge

The winner was...........

Lisa from a Thing For Roses

A big Thank You to Rene for traveling so far to come to our little blog party.
It was so fun to finally meet you and I know we are all looking forward to your next visit.

Another big Thanks to Lisa and Isabel for coming up from Portland to spend the entire weekend with us.
The Hubs and I really enjoyed having both of you.

It was suggested that I open a "Junkers Bed and Breakfast"

I'm thinkin'.............HELL YEAH!

Here is a list of some of those with blogs that were in attendance on Saturday for our Hot Blogust Night.

















Go check them out and look at their pictures, read their stories and stop in and say hello.

With all the fun we had I feel like I'm suffering from a hangover. The laughing, eating, drinking, more belly laughing, and just general fun has left me tired, not wanting to do anything and swearing I'll never do it again.

Thank you everyone for coming out! A special thank you to Annie and Mary. Especially Annie for getting all the stores in Snohomish that participated on board for this event. It was super fun and we are going to have to talk Annie in to having another one.

Seeeeeee Just like a hangover, you swear you never will do it again and in the same breath your saying "That was so much fun we should do it again!"

This week...........

I'm buyin' a new camera and catchin' up on my blogging duties.


Kal said...

Timi, I'm so glad you had such a great turn out. I'm bummed I wasn't able to make it. Looks like you all had a blast!

SeaWorthy said...

junkin with chicks is a blast!
your the entertaining hostess with the mostesst!!!!

Maison Douce said...

Timi, you truly are the hostess with the mostess!! Thank you for such a great weekend, I will never forget it!!!

Laurie Anne said...

Sounds like you guys had such a great time, I'm definitely coming next year :0)

Linda said...

Wow Timi, you do have party hangover but hey, life is short, party on girlfriend!
Maybe that was my problem Sunday, LOL! Had to rest from all that fun.
Thanks for being to to sweet! and making my birthday even more royal!
I know Annie appreciated all the help. It was so fun!
I think even my hubby survived, oh there was food so he was ok! ha
Look forward to seeing you in the future...road trip on bus?!!!
I am game!
Hugs, Linda Q

Kath' said...

I can not believe I have finally ran across a blog that is in my town or near me.. YYIIPPPEEE
Wish I would of known this before the date was up on this blog party in Snohomish Wash. I just wrote everything down and realized it already happened. I live in Lake Stevens, Washington
I love all the things I am reading on all your blogs. The closest gal I know is in Tacoma wash. I will be following your blog and others it looks like there is list of you girls that had fun and live around here. I am so excited, can you tell I am so excited. Someone in my neighblor hood that loves the things I love. You can reach me at dublshot@comcast.net or www.lilbitoldlilbitnew.com. Come join my blog party I have going on right now. Have some fun and follow My blog and leave your name for a chance to win the prizes. Can't wait to chat with some of you. My really good friend Gail is also having a blog contest for a necklace and ,braclet and earring set. www.thesassybeach.com Kath'

Kath' said...

I am so excited, I found you guys.. I had to tell you one more time...lol Kath'

Jana said...

I also wanted to thank you for hosting such a fun party at your beautiful home.

Wanda said...

Hey. Life happens. And how well I know!

I'm really sorry to hear about your camera. Where do I send the flowers? My camera was lost for about 2 weeks. Thought I'd go insane!

The junk swap party sounds like a hoot! We may just have to have one here soon. And I wish our little town had more internet savvy shops. As far as I know, I'm the only local blogger of "our" kind of blog. Junky/thrifty/creative/whatever. Other local blogs are personal/political/boring. Or at least the ones I've run across are. We *do* have one other business who Twitters. Maybe we could have a party. A business who installs cabinets and me. Hmmmmm. Nah.

Let's go get caught up with our blog chores. Both of us.

Bonnie said...

Timi, hi...I love the idea of a junk swap party. Actually we did one years ago but at work. It looks like you all had fun so I'm going to have to throw a party like this too!


PS - can't remember how I found your blog but I'm sure glad I did! I really love Jesus Loves Casseroles!