Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm doin it!

That's right folks..........I'm doin it!

Some of you have been asking me, telling me, and encouraging me to go forward with an idea that I had way back when, after my first trip to Farm Chicks.

Well mostly those who hang with me on a regular basis are sick of listening to me talk about it... but whatever! My constant babbling about it now just got turned up a notch.

I'm taking my love for road trips, junk, and parties on the road!

Today I called and gave my credit card (The Hubs is going to have a stroke) to Bob at Chinook Bus Charter, I purchased my domain names, and activated a Paypal account.

I know your sayin "what the hell is she up to now?"

I'm organizing a bus tour from the Seattle area to The Barn House Sale in Battleground, WA on September 12th!

Yep! A big ass bus (well actually a mediums size bus) full of ladies who love junkin, takin road trips, craftin, eatin, and havin a good time.

This is the plan

Leave the Snohomish area around 6 am on Saturday Morning
make a few stops (potty, pick ups, and potty) along the way and arrive at Barn House about 9-ish or 10-ish.

Shop around The Barn House big fabulous fall sale for a while, have a little lunch, then head over to some of my other favorite stops while in Battle Ground. Then, we'll head home around 3-ish which will put us back at the cars around

The cost is going to be $125 per person for a full day of fun, shopping, lunching with your friends, meeting new friends, and....the best don't have to drive!

This weekend I'm going down to the Barn House sale to let them know I'm planning on bringing a bus load of ladies to their sale. I'm going to map out the route, and get some more details figured out to make this fabulous.

This week I'll also be looking for vendors who want to participate in this "rollin party!"

Seating will be limited, so start making your plans now.

I'm working on an official blog that will have all the details.

Stay tuned!

If you want to be on the notification list, e-mail your information (Name, phone # and the number of seats you want) to and I'll notify you as soon as I 'm offically selling seats.

If you would like to come in from out of town I'm working on that too!

Travel arrangments and hotels.

Come Junk With Us!


Kal said...

Can't Wait!

Designer Junk Finder said...

I'm in. This is such a good idea.

Donna said...

Diann's going to the Bahamas which means I GET TO GO!! WOO HOO!!!! I'm soooooo excited!!

Sammy Girl said...

What a FANTASTIC idea! Now if we could just find some gals who want to ride share UP to Snohomish for events ... HEY .... even Kalama! Hubs is a good wheel man, but ... ya know what I'm sayin ....
Betty :)

Our really empty nest said...

Timi, Sounds like great fun! I live fairly close 2.5 hours away from the Longaberger factory/town and have been on several bus trips to that, that included a bus tailgate picnic lunch etc... Games while on the bus and lots of fun, I know you girls will have a great time! Wish I didnt live on the other side of the country! Sue

Kathrine said...

Hi Timi!

It was so nice meeting you & your husband (oh & your little dog too) at Barnhouse today. I look forward in working with you on your great adventure!

Take care.

Tamstyles said...

good for you! rad you post..thanks for the nice words.

Julie said...

Brillant! As long as I not working I will be there.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Way to make something happen! So cool! Have a fabulous, wild time!

Mermaid Debbie

Uncovered Ruby said...

I heard through the grapevine you'll be stopping by our flea market my blog for more details and sneak peeks for September 12th at the Vintage Gathering Flea Market in Battle Ground :-) I'd love to go on a bus trip to the flea markets if I wasn't in them!! Have a blast...Lisa

The Chic Housewife said...

Timi~ I am spreading the word!!! Posted about you today =)


Uncovered Ruby said...

Feel free to hit me up about blogging about your road trip, that would be so fun to write about...thank you for the kind words about the shop, bring your whole crew to the shop too! Introduce yourself in September...see you then! Lisa :-)

WSU Laura said...

Damn walk ;-). Have a wonderful time and I will catch ya on the next one.

kanishk said...

What a FANTASTIC idea! Now if we could just find some gals who want to ride share UP to Snohomish for events

Work From Home

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

The blog pic rocks a big junkin honker!!! Love it, Ibet you all will have a blast!! Janna

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Hi Timi!! We would love to see you in Spokane, Washington October 2 & 3 for The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market. Some of the best vendors in the Northwest will be there...Queen of Tarte, Auntie Joy, Luluz, Celeste from Chaps and the list goes on.. Glad & Cel/Junebug Furniture and Design

Suzette said...

Way to go! I too had thought this would be a great idea and tons of fun to boot. Hope your new venture is a success.