Monday, October 12, 2009

Spokane Road Trip

I know!

It’s been forever since I’ve done a blog post. I have a million excuses but I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing them, so I’m just going to move on!

Donna and I went on a road trip over to Spokane a couple weekends ago. I wanted to check out The Mad Hatter Sale that Junebug was putting on and I had some other things on my list of “things to do in Spokane” that I needed to check out.

We decided that taking HWY I-90 was boring…A nice change would be HWY 2.

The first stop was right outside of Cashmere at this great little French bakery.

046 Donna and I could have bought them out! But we just bought a couple snacks for the trip.


We highly recommend stopping here if you’re passing through Cashmere for any reason at all. I promise when you leave this bakery you will be going home, remodeling your kitchen to a French Country theme, then bustin out that Julia Childs Mastering French Cooking cookbook you bought at Costco.

Once arriving in Spokane,

Donna and I had to go check out Frank’s Diner for dinner.

Set inside an old diner train car, the ambiance is really fantastic. The food is good and I think everyone should make at least one stop at Frank’s while in Spokane.


I had the hot turkey sandwich.

051 Donna had the chicken pot pie

From there we ended up at the Northern Quest Casino where we both LOST OUR ……………

Well let’s just move on. That my friends, is a part of the trip we shall never speak of again!

You know I got “the problem” right?"

Saturday morning we were up bright and early so we could make our way to

The Mad Hatter Antique Sale put on by Junebug


Held at the 5 mile Prairie Grange

They had it fixed up all cute.




075 Donna and Joy letting me know they had Diet Cokes and I didn’t! Yeah, they’re still my friends!

Check out Auntie Joy’s Blog for some really great pictures of the sale.

056 All the ladies were dressed so cute in their Mad Hatter outfits.






I thought this was an excellent use for a baby bassinet…….packed full of Chocolate Zucchini Bread for sale.



Your hostesses with the mostest

062 The food at this show was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!

This is some of the pumpkin bisque soup that had seasoned popcorn in it. OH MY GOD!!!! It was like crack! We just wanted to go back over and over.

My other favorite was the Zucchini Bisque Soup with a sticky rice, sage, huckleberry dumpling in it.


I’m not kidding! It was so stinkin good.

As I’m typing this I wish I had some.

083 Junebug herself with the Queens of the fantastic food Lynn and Sherry.

They really did a great job!

080 More pictures



After the leaving The Mad Hatter Show we headed to the highly recommended, must see, don’t miss, everyone should go here………………………..

Hurd Mercantile

085 084 I’m in love with this store!



I saw pictures of this fabulous store in Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine. So I had to see it for myself.

095 A great Farm Chicks Display



I had such a great time at this store in addition to finding A LOT of treasure that came home with me.

I’m thinkin maybe Come Junk With Us should do a Junk Junket here.

After a day of shopping Donna and I went to Chaps for dinner, where we met

Auntie Joy and Hubby

Luluz and Hubby


one of The Funky Junk Sisters Dixie.

The food was fabulous as usual, the company was even better. It was so much fun getting to visit with these ladies (and husbands) outside of the antiques sales where we usually see each other.

It was just a nice change.

So a Timi Road Trip can’t ever be without some sort of problem. This trip wasn’t an exception.

Donna and I were headed out of town and sure enough


This is the fastest way back home which is what we were planning on.

So it was back to HWY 2 to go out around the dust storm.

099 My pictures aren’t that great (as usual) but you can see the dust storm in the distance.


What looks like white clouds is really the dust storm

It took 4 hours longer than it should have and it was the most boring drive EVER! Not since driving across Texas have I ever seen so much of NOTHING!

This really was a great trip!

Donna and I had the best time.

I got a lot of great ideas for an upcoming Junk Junket I’m planning.

This last weekend I went to the Sandpoint Antique and Design Show here in the Seattle area. This is the first time I have ever been to this show.

DAMN!! Have I been missin out!

Check out
Deb Kennedy’s pictures

Salvage Studio

Queen of Tart


It was so fun to meet all the vendors there. I bought this beautiful swanky faux fur vintage coat. Now I’m excited for it to get cold so I can wear it.

If you’re in the area don’t miss the December 6th show.

Have a great day!


Maison Douce said...

Sounds (and looks!) like a wonderful trip, Timi!! And you have made me very hungry - and it's only 8:30 am!!!!

undomestic chica said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I'll have to make sure to make it to the Sanpoint one!

Barbara said...

The Anjou Bakery is AWESOME! We stop there with every trip to Wenatchee to see the folks. By the way, the big rock house near the bakery was once owned by my Grandfather, my Mom tells stories about playing with her cousins there. I'd love to go inside of it once...the fire place was so big that she could stand inside the fire box.

AuroraSuzette said...

I definately think you should do a trip to this sale! Can't wait for your trip to Funky Junk Sisters. I know it will be awesome! For some reason, I'm hungry after this post, Timi!!

Andy's Attic said...

Sounds like a great trip. How do you like the Sleep Number Bed?

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Hi Timi, Thanks so much for attending The Mad Hatter! It was great to meet you. The Chefs and I have been brainstorming about food and events for your next trip to Spokane~Farm Chicks and of course The Next Mad Hatter Event!!XOXO Glad & Cel/Junebug

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl. This trip looks like it was absolutely fabulous! I'd love some of that soup!

Annie said...

Hey Timi,
I missed you at Sandpoint. I do that show really fast since I work on Sundays. I'll see you this Saturday with my shoppin shoes on!

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

I herd about that dust storm on 90. Has that ever happened before?

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Timi,
Been a little busy and haven't kept up on my blog reading. Seems like forever since Spokane. It was so fun seeing you and Donna, loved the dinner at Chaps with you guys! We had breakfast on Sunday there, YUM!
Wish y'all were coming to expo!
Hopefully I will see you soon.

haleys cottage said...

Hi Timi,
Sounds like a fun trip, until the end. Lots of good food! I was so hoping to ride your bus tomorrow, but lots has changed and I have no one to work for me. I am going tonight and closing the store at 4:00, yeah in 1 hour. Hopefully find some great stuff. I guess I can take your flyer down today. I hope you have a blast tomorrow and wish I could have come.

Cindy @ haleys cottage

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