Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tickled Pink

Ever have those days, weeks or months where everything goes wrong?  Seems like ya can’t catch a break.
Then life mellows out a little bit.  You totally forget about the day, weeks, months where nothing went right. 
All of a sudden stuff starts happening that you have to keep pinching yourself to make sure it’s real!

Well that’s how it was for me last week

It started out with being invited to Juanita Cafe for dinner by my cousins Jim and Angie
Who were visiting from out of town
Jim and Angie
Jim and Angie are our Family Reunion organizer extraordinaires.
If you have never been to the Juanita Cafe it’s a Foodies dream.  It was fabulous!
and……………….we got some ideas in the thinker for this years Family Reunion.
I’m excited for summer already.
Then the week kept getting better…………..

Check out this photo
Lunch Dahlia
Serena (The Farm Chick) , Deb (Retreat) , and Lisa (Salvage Studio)
Not pictured…… Kim (Mimi Charmante)  She had to leave early and we were all so engrossed in eating that we didn’t think about a picture before she left.
Sorry Kim I was totally thinking cupcake not picture.

I KNOW!!! 
Can you believe that?  Yes, it’s me! 
Me! Amongst some very talented, smart, and very photogenic women.  I had to keep pinching myself.
**side note*** Can a girl take some photo posing classes somewhere? God knows I could use them!

I know your sitting there thinking, How , Where, Why????
Well I got wind of Serena coming to town and I totally invited myself.   We had lunch at Dahlia  downtown Seattle.  It was stinkin delicious!
Lunch was fabulous………………
It was so fabulous I got not one picture of lunch.
but I did get a picture of our waiter preparing desert!  You know I wouldn’t miss that!


Preparing the little fresh doughnuts with vanilla mascarpone cheese and huckleberry jam. 
Poor Serena sat next to me with those little pillows of happiness.
About 5 seconds was all I could take before I had to have one.
No!  I didn’t just eat off her plate!
I sat there and looked pathetic enough she finally asked if I wanted one.
My mom didn’t raise a total heathen


Don’t they look nummy? 

They were!

Lisa and I taking pictures of each other. 
I was tickled to death to be able to spend the afternoon with these ladies.  It was so cool to sit, visit and get to know these ladies outside of blogland and shows.
Can’t wait to do it again sometime.

Another reason I was tickled pink this last week………………………

See these boots?

boot I bought them about 8 years ago.  They have been my work boot friend over the years.  We have mowed lawns, cut trees, pruned bushes, camped in unfavorable weather, taken the dog out in unfavorable weather, and visited friends at horse barns.  A lot of Fakebusy happened in these boots.
Well they finally wore out.  They became uncomfortable and the bottoms didn’t have enough tread on them anymore so they were super slick on wet surfaces.
A hazard!
Well about 4 months ago I threw them out and have been telling The Hubs that I need to go buy another pair. 
As you know I’m also AKA… Princess Lazy Ass
so getting some new "work” boots isn’t on the top of my priority list.
“I can’t, I don’t have the right shoes” is one of my favorite excuses.  Also it’s so lame that most people (The Hubs) just look at you like your stupid and don’t ask for help anymore.

Well after having lunch with my friend Charlene last week I was on my way home and I took a wrong turn.
I know!
I should know where I’m going to get home.
Well I was talking on my cell phone and turned too soon.
Which put me right in front of

Since the weather has taken a turn and it’s time to think about getting ready for cold weather I decided that I would stop in and see if they had some new “work” boots.

To my surprise………
That’s right!
I love them!  They were a special promotion for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   They still have lots of sizes left but the ladies told me they would be getting them in again in March.  Work’n More is taking orders for the March shipment.  They also had little girls which were very cute! 

So I brought my new boots home and was so excited.
The Hubs took one look at them and laughed and said “looks like you still don’t have the right shoes”
He’s probably right.

Oh this story gets better……..
Last spring I bought a Peony Pink down vest from Land’s End.  I put it in the closet and kind of forgot about it. Lands End
It matches my shoes perfect
Which also matches
Hope Garden

Yeah I know it’s a lot of pink and I’m not sure I’ll wear it all together but I was
Tickled Pink that it all matched.

All in all it was a great week at The House of B’s.  Good food, good friends, new friends, added some pink to my wardrobe and………..I still don’t have the right shoes!

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