Monday, April 19, 2010

Let the Campin Season Begin!
and Other Blog Worthy Adventures

Over Easter weekend PJ and I kicked off camping season 2010!

Oh I'm shameless when it comes to advertising Come Junk With Us and our next trip to The Farm Chicks in Spokane.  No window goes unpostered at this house.

So we headed to Pacific Beach to enjoy a little down time
The plan was to do NOTHING
I had a stack of magazines I was going to get caught up on reading, I was going to do a little blogging, and I was going to do a lot of laying on the couch doing NOTHING.

Well that lasted as long as the thought!

On our way there I had to stop at the lovely Grand Heron in Aberdeen
I have read about it on blogs, seen pictures on Facebook
The lovely Lisa from Coastal Nest and I have been chatting through blogs, email, and facebook for a little over 2 years now. It was time we met face to face.
She is part of the Grand Heron

This was a meeting long long overdue!
I was so excited !
When Lisa and I met it was like we had been friends forever!

So sorry............I dont' have good pictures. I stole some of the photos off the Grand Heron fan page on Facebook.
Lisa and I spent hours talking and she gave PJ and me a tour of the project that her and her family have been working on

This is the old location of Grand Heron but it will be soon be the new and improved
location.  After Windstorm 2007, the store was destroyed and they have been rebuilding ever since.
It's coming along and it's going to be BEAUTIFUL
I'm tellin ya, if you need a trip to the coast, plan it when these ladies are having their grand re-opening.
It's going to be spectacular!
A little sneak of what Grand Heron has in the store
Not one ugly thing in this store! 
Not even one thing that makes you say "ya, I don't really care for that!"

I left wanting everything! 
These ladies know how to decorate!

Look at that!  Come Junk With Us flyers at the front desk
Thank you ladies!

This is my fabulous package with my purchases from Grand Heron
Wrapped all pretty

I bought these great placemates. 
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but I really liked them

My silver trophy
Again not sure what I'm going to do with it but I really liked it.

After a lovely afternoon with Lisa and family it was back to Pacific Beach

oooooooooooooooh it was nasty!
High winds, we woke up to snow on Friday, then rain, then more wind, then more rain and it was FREAKIN COLD!

See all the campers?

We were the only fools to camp in a wind storm
Friday afternoon WSU Laura and family joined us

They camped in the spot next to us
Laura and I both laid awake all night Friday night listening to the wind thinking "this is it!"  "this is where we start flying through the air and end up in Kansas!"

One of the employees at the front desk on Saturday morning told us that they clocked wind gusts up to 132 mph at Westport.  Which means......we were close to that!

And PJ never once woke up!

Princess Spoiled Brat didnt' care!

She bundled up and headed to the beach with her Dad.
Good Daddy
Auntie wasn't getting out of the trailer unless it was to go shopping in another well ancohered to the ground building!

So we did a lot of looking at the weather on line

Visiting with WSU Laura and DH

Then WSU Laura and I went in to Ocean Shores to check out a new store that
Lisa had told us about.
She has a space called Sea Worthy in a store called One Whacky Woman.
I'll go out on a limb here and just say it.............
This is the best store in Ocean Shores!
They are located right next door to Going Coastal which is another of my favorite stores but I'm lovin this new store One Whacky Woman.

Sorry no pictures!

Look at this cute coffee mug I found at Ace Hardware

I thought it was so fun I had to have it
I don't usually "own it" but I'm going to start trying!

Charlie had a lot of napping on this trip.
He didn't even get to the beach this time

The Easter Bunny left Princess Spoiled Brat an Easter Bowl on the table Sunday morning
Now before you start judging about how stupid that is
The Easter Bunny didn't know she was going to be there so he had to improvise
WSU Laura and I thought he had done a pretty good job considering he had a bit too much to drink the night before!

Sunday morning, the sun was kind of out, the wind had stopped blowing and the sea was a little calmer

We started our day with a little brunch at the resturant in Pacific Beach

PJ givin ya a little beach pose
He's so stinkin cute!  I think I'll keep him!

Then after brunch it was off to Coastal Nest to have a little cocktail and visit with
Lisa and "Bob Villa" before we left.

We could have hung out with them for hours.  What great people!
and that little beach rental they have is so


WSU Laura and I didn't want to leave.
This little place is so wonderful.
They have done such a great job of remodeling, decorating and thinking of everything at that beach house.
If you are needing a little beach get away
you won't be sorry!
I'm thinking one of you crafty ladies needs to rent it and do a retreat there!

With not wanting to say good-bye
PJ and WSU DH had to pry mine and WSU Laura's arms off from around the porch posts and we were off to home!

Charlie met a new friend at the rest area
This is Rosie
She was so cute I could have taken her home with me.

Very cute!

I came home, did a half ass job of cleaning up the trailer, worked on some arrangments for The Farm Chicks Junk Junket  and then........................

I grabbed Donna and we took off for Spokane!

We first made a stop in Seattle at the
2nd Saturday Market planning meeting.
If you're on Facebook join their fan page

This is going to be a fabulous new show in the Seattle area starting next month and then EVERY 2nd Saturday of the month.
How fun is that?
We are getting our own fresh new flea market in Seattle
Where you ask?
Sandpoint Hangers over at Warren Magnuson Park
Put this on your calendar!
May 8, 2010

I'll be there with all my Come Junk With Us gear
I'm very excited!

Then it was off to Spokane!
I had some appointments that I had made for planning The Farm Chicks Junk Junket

First stop
Not an appointment but since I was in town...................

Saturday morning Donna and I got up early and headed out to

Great show!

I was greated by Hollie giving me a very cute t-shirt because I was a facebook fan

How fun is that?
Everyone loves something free!

Look how pretty it was out that day
A perfect day for a sale

Lots of people at this sale
Great stuff, great prices, vendors all super nice
What more could a girl ask for?

Being Princess Lazy Ass I'm always drawn to any type of chair that looks like it will recline and allow me to sip Diet Coke and read magazines
I so wanted to buy these but PJ would have had my head if I brought home one more "recliner" type chair.  I resisted

Some of the fabulous items found at this show

I would like you to meet Miss Kelly
We met over her fantastic handbag
Isn't it fabulous? 
She has them special made for her by Buttercuppity for her cute little shop

More pictures of the show
The fabulous Celia and Gladys of Junebug
I had some bit-ness with them!
Yeah that's right
We are tryin to cook something up

These are a couple of the fantastic items I found for myself  at the show.
These will be showing up at a campground near you this summer!

After the Funky Junk Antique Show we head to Chaps
More planning!
I can't even begin to tell you how funktabulous this resturant is.

I snapped a few pictures while there
Just to give you an idea
The Chaps Truck parked out front
From Chaps it was off to a couple more stops
for The Farm Chicks Junk Junket planning and
Lunch with Rene my blog buddy that I met in person last summer at mine and Annie's
She invited me and Donna to join her and some of her Farm Girl Friends.

We all look scared for some reason. We really weren't.

 I was introduced to some new friends by the fabulous Rene Groom and her husband.
Have you met Rene?  
Rene writes the wonderful blog for Mary Jane's Farm called Rural Farm Girl
P.S..... Mary Jane's Farm Store has a Facebook Fan Page now

Also at lunch was
Heather Scholten and her hubs
She has a super cute little 1947 Silver Lark Trailer which she blogs about.
She also is THE realtor to contact if you need one in Spokane

Grace Brown and husband were there.
They got there first, so Donna and I had a chance to visit with the both of them for a while.
VERY VERY NICE people.  
Grace is also the owner of a very cute trailer

After that we hit a couple more appointments I had while in Spokane
and then....................

it was home to take all the information I gathered and get ta plannin!

Last weekend was the sale at Annie's in Snohomish that I co-hosted.
Stay tuned on Come Junk With Us blog for that update.
Super fun!

I'm currently off on another adventure!


Andy's Attic said...

Good grief you are a busy girl. Your trip to the coast looked like fun despite the weather. Hope you can come down to one of our Vintage Gathering sales this summer.

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Amazing Post! We love the coast too, we are looking forward to at least one trip this summer, not sure it will be in a many kidos.
We loved seeing you at the Funky Junk, looks like you found a few treasures too.xo Cel & Glad/Junebug

Susan said...

JEEEZ! You were busy! So jealous of some of your finds! I love trophies! I bought two online that were similar in shape and they were gold--not what I wanted! :(

Florence said...

All your adventures sound like so much fun. Keep up your good work. Florence

Angel's Attic said...

Glad you made it to the Funky Junk show - Angel's Attic had a lot of fun that weekend. Also fun to see the pics you posted of our space and that you love your new silver (it was hard to let go of the champage bucket and tray - sniff). Glad to see it went to a good home! Enjoy reading your adventures - please look us up again at Farm Chicks. Linda

SeaWorthy said...

You are fantastic to watch! I wish you could have stayed longer, too. This summer we will have to get together again..
You are a true adventure queen, Timi.
coastal nest

Ormolulu said...

I don't know how you do all this travel and remain "sane" Timi! Loved the trip to the coast--my sister lives in Forks (so I know that weather you had up front and personal) and her husband was born in good ole Aberdeen! Can't wait to see the Grand Heron--WOW!

Good to see you at Annies. There is so much to look forward to, isn't there?!


Janice Selby said...

How are you after your rotor cuff surgery?

Glad you can travel

Anonymous said...

Hi Timi , I love the silver trophy cup.
See you soon at Farm Chicks!