Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Must Be What
Giving Birth Is Like

So right off the bat let's get you caught up on how the prime rib dinner turned out

Look at PJ all happy slatherin his meat
Yeah, I'm crackin myself up right now.

This was a great recipe that I got from Farm Girl Gourmet
It was super easy

Asparagus with olive oil, salt, pepper, and some sliced sweet onions. 
Ready for the oven

Also ready for the oven
Twice baked potatoes
These are my very favorite

The dining room table was cleaned off for a change and set.

Aren't ya lovin my placemats that I got from Grand Heron?

Dinner turned out good. 
 PJ over cooked the prime rib a little but it was still really good.

You notice we don't have any pictures of done food
I wasn't quick enough to get pictures
It was all gone!

House was cleaned up and ready for our Come Junk With Us Posse dinner

See that little black and white ottoman? 

That was a gift for the Farm Chicks Junk Junket from Summerland Style.  It matched so well I almost couldn't give it up for the door prize.
Had there not been so many witnesses that saw it arrive with a bow on it, I might have kept it!

So now the real story..........
The behind the scenes of
Come Junk With Us Farm Chicks Junk Junket

It ended up that having this dinner was a good thing. There were some problems that came up at the last minute for our trip. It was good to have someone else help in solving them.

So we got it all worked out.............

so we thought

I know !

It's a freakin disaster but truly it's a lot better than it had been.
The swag bags were done, the door prizes collected, wrapped and ready to be loaded.

I was actually ahead of schedule on Wednesday.

Then it started setting in on Thursday, that I was really doing this.
I had been out running errands when I pulled in to the driveway and all of the sudden I had a complete meltdown

I was freaking out in my car, crying, telling myself I couldn't do this, I'm not ready, what was I thinking. I'm too stupid to pull this off, PJ is going to kill me, I'm going to look like a fool
OOOOOOOh the badself talk was going well.

Then I heard a voice (yes sometimes I do hear a voice)  that said "it's going to happen whether you're ready or not!" "now stop your crying, suck it up and make this shit happen!"

That's when I decided this whole undertaking must be a lot like child birth

 This was the picture of getting ready to load on Friday morning. 

We had to change some plans and go from a charter bus to vans.  Which I thought would end up better, but in the long run the insurance killed me.  There were a lot of tears, cussing, and meeting with insurance agents before we found someone who would give us the insurance we needed for this trip.
It also poured down rain that morning while trying to get stuff loaded

After this picture
It's all a blur to me
This is where Amber from Tres Birds Photography picked up
to go see all the pictures from my Come Junk With Us trip to Farm Chicks

See Deb?  She's all relaxed taking nice pictures, lookin great as usual!

See me? 
Looks like I might have a stick up my ass or could cry at any second.

Every single stinkin picture of me was like this.  It's bad enough that I take crap picture anyway but to add stressed-out to it.............. Totally not my friend!

Shit picture but a great picture of me stressed out again! 
Face bright red, trying to remember everything that needs to be said.

Don't get me wrong I'm so happy that I did this and I love doing it but I'm going to have to find a way to relax or I'm going to have a heart attack.

Speakin of heart attack and stressed out.................

You all know my son Charlie right?

He's cute right?

Well don't be fooled! 
He's spoiled rotten, he doesn't mind, he runs away every chance he gets, and he's been kicked out of Doggy Daycare twice. 
I had to talk them in to giving him one more chance

During one of my very stressful moments at Farm Chicks when trying to get people's treasures where they needed to be in order to make it home with them, get lunches delivered, and find who needed me, I get a phone call from Doggy Daycare telling me I need to come pick up my dog because he was getting aggressive with one of the kennel keepers and they can't have that.

Are you freaking kidding me?
He's 18 pounds! 
Pick him up and throw his ass in a kennel until I get back!

No can do!

Thank God Mr. Flustercluck isn't afraid of Charlie
He and the Flustercluck kids were the super heroes for that day.
They took him home with them and he was fine until we got home on Sunday.
I guess he just hates those ladies at Doggy Daycare.

Here are pictures from a few moments that I wasn't a stress ball

This is Rene Groom
One of the nicest ladies in the entire world!  She was down at the State Park with Sisters On The Fly the same day Farm Chicks was going on.  She had her new fancy trailer down there and I could have hung out with her all day long!

Myself, Amber, Antonya, Cindy, Tiffany and Jo snuck down there in the afternoon
 to tour all the trailers and let Tiffany and Jo Photograph them.

My BFF Heather of The Farm Girl Gourmet and Antonya

I know you're thinking "why don't you have pictures of the trailers? "
Amber and I got a little side tracked. 

All and all it was a good trip.
Am I glad I did it?

Was it the hardest thing I have ever done?
In the top 5

Would I do it again...............
give me a couple months of recovery and I'll get back to you.

This weekend we are off to do a little R&R along with Glamping with
The Flusterclucks, The Gotstheirshittogethers, and a new family Mr. and Mrs Accidentwaitingtohappen

It should be a much needed fun weekend!


Retreat said...

What glasses are YOU wearin', my friend? I looked like a freakin' deer in headlights in that photo: "What? A picture? Where? Who, ME? What day is it? This IS Farm Chicks, right? Are we open yet? Am I ready? I'M NOT READY!!!!!"

I guess we all have our moments!
{and I hear voices, too. The best people all do, dear. I just keep tellin' myself that}

You did a great job, Timi!

Deb @ Retreat

kmarie said...

Timi congrats on an amazing event! You cracked me up! Having done events in my past I can relate to the tears, the tired and the necessary glass of wine. Cheers to you!

Andy's Attic said...

Timi, your posts are always so fun to read...cracking me up! I'm sure all the people who went with you had a wonderful and memorable time. If you didn't care how it all truned out it wouldn't be worth doing. I hope you do another one...they will probably get easier. :>)

Heather Scholten said...

Great blog post BFF! :) Next time can you PhotoShop me SKINNY? LOL Thanks for the blog nods too! You're the best.

Love ya!

Ormolulu said...

It's the crazy self-talk that keeps us SANE, Timi!! Really and amazing job you did, and lots of people are darned glad you hung in there. Fun post--as always, I'm laughing till I cry on this end (I feel your pain)!!



City Girl Country Heart said...

Love looking at your pics and reliving it ! My daughters wedding took over our lives the past year, so we didnt do much of anything..... thanks for sharing the pics!!!
Hope you get some DIET COKE soon :)

Anonymous said...

Timi ! You did an awesome job on a huge event. Give yourself a high five.
I personally like the voice inside my head - it always says nice things to me just when I need to hear it :0) Good to hear you have one , too.
See you at Barn House

Florence said...

Timi you did an awesome job. I know it was a lot of work. I have a friend who does quilt show tours and I know all about those behind the scene scenarios. Keep up your good work. Hugs Florence

Linda Q said...

Fun to see more photos of your house, been wanting to. And now it gave me an idea of something to make you! So I will work on it!