Monday, March 17, 2008

My First Posting

Hi everyone
I have finally done it! After reading blog after blog and thinking " I should get a blog" I have finally done it! Is it cool? Does it look great? Do I have meaningful things to say ? Probably not but I'm working on it.
Here's a little background on myself and probably many of my blog subjects.....As you can see from my blog name I'm a girl named Timi. Yes, it's my god given name not a nickname. For years I hated it, I wanted to be Belinda or Mandy (I liked the Barry Manilow song) but my mother insisted Timi was my name and that's what I would be called. Well now that I'm 43 it's grown on me and I actually like it. I have learned over the years (the hard way) that with a unique name you really have to think about your actions and words. People don't forget actions and words spoken by someone with an unique name.
The Hubs and I have been married for almost 2 years. I married what some would call late in life, I had a lot of things to accomplish before I got married. As you will soon learn............I never got any of them done! I had to scrap that life list and move on to a new one. When getting married I had hoped the Hubs would be much more motivated then myself and a good influance. WRONG! We are now Mr and Mrs Procrastination. I keep telling him that ME, MYSELF, and I held a meeting while he was at work today and we all voted that he be the one to get his shit together. It hasn't happened.
Right before we married we bought a little fixer upper. 2500 square feet of potential dream home. Keep in mind, at this time didn't know we were Mr and Mrs. Procrastination and I ASSUMED that if my soon to be husband owned really cool power tools he knew how to use them. WRONG! You ladies out there dating, don't assume. If projects are important to you and you want your man to do them please test him first! Don't make the same mistake I did and assume because he owns all those tools he knows how to use them. Back to the money pit.........It needed a lot of up dating in side, a good cleaning and what we loved most about the home is that it had a HUGE lovely yard that was park like. Oh it was lovely. Well two years have passed, we have managed to get walls painted, new carpet, a new deck (which took a year), and ruin the beautiful yard with our procrastination and lack of gardening skills.
This winter we came to the conclusion that we felt we were being held prisoner by our house. All we ever did is sit around dreaming up things we would like to do, talking about things that really need to be done and watch endless hours of HGTV. Well not having the skills, knowledge, or money to hire out we found ourselves frustrated and do nothing. So what did Mr & Mrs Procrastination do??? Or should I say Mr. & Mrs. Nuckinfuts??? We bought a 27ft Komfort Travel Trailer! Have either of us camped in a trailer before? NO! Has Mr. Nuckinfuts ever pulled anything bigger then his 10 ft utility trailer? NO! Did the Nuckinfuts buy used so they could test the waters? NO! We bought brand spankin new. Oh it's beauitful, and very comfortable hince the name Komfort. I suspect when the Hubs (Mr. Nuckinfuts) gets up the nerve to pull it out of the driveway, me and my cute little Wired Haired Fox Terrier Charlie will be very comfortable.
I ditched my career in Human Resources about 4 years ago to sell cool stuff on ebay. Well since getting married I haven't done much but now I'm getting back in to so I can stay home and work. That way when The Hubs decides to take the new trailer out of the driveway I'll be ready! This last month I have been working on starting a business from home. I'll keep you posted on my progress of that. Right now you can see my items for sale on ebay by selecting Seller Oneverycoolchick.

Well The Hubs is on his way home from work and unlike my good friend WSU Laura I have not started dinner (she's always got something wonderful going in the crockpot) and probably should. I have been setting up a blog all day so I guess it's time to hurry and make it look like I have done something around here today before he gets home!


WSU Laura said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Miss Timi!

Laurie Anne said...

WSU Laura sent me over and I think we married the same man, hehe
Welcome to blogland!!! :0)
Just down the road a ways in good old Tacoma :0)

Kerry said...

welcome to blogging!

Timi said...

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!