Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Obssessions

There are many things I'm obsessed with. Decorating, junkin, The Initial B, a great deal, the perfect cupcake, and finding a building contractor that will show up and work. Some things are just never meant to be discovered I guess!
My current obsession is decorating the house and using the monogram B. I'm always in "decorate" mode where ever I go. If I can find a way to incorporate a monogram in that decorating without it being too much and The Hubs saying "are you kidding?" then it's a good decorating day.

The Hubs left on a business trip for a week, so I decided that I would redo the ugly fireplace while he was out of town. Well the fireplace was a lovely (sarcastic voice) 1970's brown brick. We can't afford to tear it down and redo it so I decided that painting it would be the answer. Nate did in one of his make overs on Oprah so it must be OK right? Well I got it painted and it looked like CRAP! Now I have 2 days before The Hubs gets home and comes unglued. What to do, what to do???? Don't kid yourself this isn't my first rodeo, I have been in this same situations before while he was gone. The deck being tore down to a dirt hole, the hot tub removed, the coy pond removed, and oh yes the two 60ft fir trees I had my Dad cut down in front of the house. The Hubs really is a patient understanding man now that I think of it. Back to my story.......... So the painted fireplace looks like crap. I put the ugly little mantel back on it that I also painted the same color as the brick. White, thinking it would be nice and neutral. Now it's just a big white blob in the middle of my white living room. Then I decided that it needed some black on it. Off to Lowes! I found these great little wood medallions that I spray painted black and glued on. Still needed something else. Off to Ben Franklin Crafts! I found that I could have a vinyl letter made for .60 that I could just rub on. WHALA!
Here are some pictures of the finished fireplace. I need to put something on the mantel but I haven't found the perfect thing. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Send me pictures of what you have done. I need ideas!

Next I was suppose to be on my way to the store to pick up something for The Hubs when I passed a barn sale. Well I can't pass up a barn sale! So I ran in real quick and found 12 pieces of old wrought iron patio furniture. I was in sad shape but it wasn't rusted through. I bought it! Had to come back and get it later but it was mine all mine! Of course it didn't have any cushions so I was going to have to buy some for it. I didn't care I loved it! Have you priced ready made cushions before? They are ridiculous expensive and I was limited to the colors and patterns. None of which I liked. These cushions I needed were larger then what they sell at Target or Wal-Mart. Then I had this idea "have them made" how much could it be? Well guess what? If you think custom is expensive and only for the rich..........Your wrong! It's a lot less expensive then going to your local patio furniture store and buying pre-made. Here's a picture of the cushions I had made this winter. I can't wait until summer is here to set up the whole thing. It's going to be lovely! Oh decorating with a monogram B doesn't stop there. I found vintage monogrammed ice tea spoons, a whole set of vintage monogrammed silverware still in it's original box with all the felt holders, and my most exciting find................a full set of cheap silverware with the letter B for the new "mobile estate". This is my latest find I got today in the mail. A Shabby Chic, looks like it came off an old store, letter B made of wood. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it but I'll keep you posted. I purchased this off eBay. Go to Seller annashtrev3 and check out her other letters. I was really happy with my purchase.
I have started another collection that I was really unaware that I had started. The Hubs pointed it out this morning. Asking me "what's goin on there?". I'm not sure how it got started or so out of hand but I must find a way to use or display them. I have a large collection of rotten bananas! How I got this many I have no idea. This will make more banana bread then 2 people will be able to eat so I'm looking for other recipes to use them in. Something that freezes well. If you have one please send it my way. I'll post the recipes that I end up using to make these in to something delicious!


WSU Laura said...

I want to get a vintage W, probably doesn't have one. Darn it!

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