Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Washington Coast at Ocean Shores

If you have never been to Washington State you are missing out!
We have some of the most beautiful views you have ever seen. There are many beautiful places in our wonderful United States but I truly believe Washington State has some of the most beautiful. There are times when looking out your car window, home windows, or plane windows that you think you may be looking at a picture. You think to yourself, "this is so beautiful it can't be real!"
I had one of those moments this last weekend. The Hubs and I took the Mobile Estate out for it's first long weekend. We were lucky enough to be invited by WSU Laura and her family to join them on the Washington Coast at Ocean Shores. This is their annual camping trip they take to work out all the bugs of the trailer, figure out who has out grown what, and get ready for the camping season here in Washington State. Not to mention it really is a breath taking area. http://www.parks.wa.gov/parkpage.asp?selectedpark=ocean+city We decided to tag along to see what we needed to fix or acquire for the new mobile estate.
The reason we choose this state park is A. If it's not pouring down rain it's close to the beach where the kids and dogs can run and play until they drop. B. The park has full RV hook ups that include water, electric, and sewer. C. It's right by a great little RV Repair shop. If there is a problem, everything you need to for repairs is there. The folks that run this place are so knowledgeable and helpful that it just makes it easy if something goes wrong. D. It's right next to the Quinault Casino, if things get really bad or boring, you can leave the men with the kids and go play stupid games. http://www.quinaultbeachresort.com/

On Thursday and Friday I spent the days cooking and overloading the trailer with every thing I could think of that we might need. It was starting to look like a scene from the movie The Long Long Trailer. Love this movie if you haven't seen it rent it. It's cute and some of Lucille Balls great work.
So Saturday morning we are ready to go! Loaded, dog loaded, and we are off! As soon as we left I started worrying that I hadn't gotten the refrigerator latched tightly. I kept telling The Hubs this was freakin me out. He said there is no way I forgot to do that so let it go. So for 60+ miles I worried that I was going to have to clean up eggs off the floor when we stopped. Our first stop was Cabela's in Lacey. http://www.cabelas.com/ As soon as we were parked I jumped out and checked the trailer. AHHHHH no eggs on the floor! Thank god!

Now off to Cabela's where we meet up with WSU Laura and the family.
Ladies if your significant other is an out doors man this is his Disneyland! If you want to make points with him, go! Don't pass up the chance to stop. Now if you aren't an outdoor woman this will be an overwhelming stop for you. There is lots to see, there are millions of people here, and the guys go crazy as well as the kids. Here is my suggestion for coping at Cabela's. See all the animal and fish displays, walk through the women's things, look at all the house wares items, talk your husband out of the Wide Mouth Bass or shoot gun shell mailbox, then go grab yourself a soda (sorry they only serve Pepsi products which was disappointing to myself. I'm a Diet Coke girl) and sit and watch people until he's is done. There is also the way WSU Laura did it, which is excellent too.........go sit in the car and read. Both ways work great. You can expect to spend about 2 or more hours here. Oh yeah.........Bring money! This place is expensive.

Finally we are done with Cabela's and we head back to the truck and mobil estate. Need to let the dog pee and I'm going to fix myself a Diet Coke. So I go in the trailer open up the fridge and all the eggs fall out on the floor! Charlie and I spent the next 15 minutes cleaning up eggs off the floor. UGH! I guess The Secret is right! If you keep thinking about what you don't want, that's what your going to get!
Mess cleaned up, diet coke poured, dog taken care of and we are back on the road.
The Hubs and I had a wonderful time in the new trailer. It's going to work out great for us. All the conveniences of home, large enough that if it does rain all day your ok staying inside, and it's large enough to have friends over for wine and visiting. WHICH WE LOVE!
We did have to make a trip to North Shore RV Parts and Service buy a new sewer line and going to North Shore RV proved to be very educational for us. We didn't know that certain RV Parks only want you using enzymes in your bathrooms. If that's not what your using you don't get to stay. Totally makes sense but with all the products out there.....who knew? This is good information to have. We are now the proud owners of the Dominator Sewer line and a bag of enzymes! We are prepared for any RV site.
WSU Laura and her family come prepared for the weather. The Hubs and I did not. We spent a lot of time in the Mobile Estate eating and watching movies and being anti social. We did have a "we need to get boots and gortex" conversation.
On Sunday we along with WSU Laura and the family took a road trip up to Pacific Beach to check out where we would be staying over the 4th of July. We will keep you posted on that up coming adventure. WSU Laura and I are planning on a week long stay at the beach, in the trailers, with the kids and dogs. No husbands. We aren't stupid, we have invited the grandmas to join us. I'm not going to lie, I need my mother sometimes. She and her friends did this all the time when I was a kid and I remember it being a blast. Now will my mother have the same recollection? I don't know but I bet she has some great cocktail recipes if things go wrong!
Monday as usual on the last day of the trip the sun came out in the morning long enough for us to walk down to the beach and enjoy a little beach time. It was cold, windy but still gorgeous. On my way down to the beach to meet WSU Laura and her family there was a Bald Eagle sitting on a pile of drift wood just watching everyone on the beach and doing a little hunting. I tried to get a picture of it but you can barley see him in the picture. He's the black speck. It really was a sight. We see Eagles all the time where we live and it's one of those things you never get tired of seeing or don't notice. You can be driving down the road and see one right after another out in a field and you ooooooh and aaaaaah over each one of them every time you see them year after year. They are just such a massive beautiful bird.
Charlie the dog (This is our kid) barked and growled at kites, ran like a crazy dog, played with the kids and dogs. This is just what he needed after a week of being in trouble because of terrorizing Franklin the Wonder Cat, breaking a leash in half and running the neighborhood, then snapping a collar off his neck to also break loose. He slept the whole 3 hour trip home, slept through the night last night and as we speak is still curled up in his bed.
All and all it was a great time and I can't wait to go again. I think if I had my way I would sell the house and just travel in the mobile estate.


Donna said...

Great photos!! It looks like it was cold and windy but invigorating!! I enjoyed reading your post too! Donna :)

Timi said...

Thanks Donna! It was fun, I don't know how invigorating since I sat in my mobile estate most of the time watching movies and eating but it was fun.

WSU Laura said...

Those pictures of the beach are beautiful! Great times and loved the story, in fact I am going to refer people over here to read all about our trip. ;-) Loved the movie and all the junk food.

Greg said...

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Odelia said...

Great work.