Monday, April 14, 2008

Monogram Obssession Continues and A New Obssession Emerges

So my obsession for monogrammed items continues and a new one has emerged thanks to WSU Laura.
A couple weeks ago Miss Laura invited me to go see the movie The Other Boleyn Girl with her. She had read the book and as usual I had no idea what it was about. Well I LOVED it! I found this movie so interesting and at the end of the movie a light bulb went on. The movie Elizabeth (with Cate Blanchett) all the sudden made some sense. I had seen that movie a couple months ago and liked it but didn't fully understand the whole background of how she came to power. Well now The Hubs and I are obsessed with this part of history this month. It's our obsession of the month.
We have been watching the first season of The TUDORS for hours on end, and Elizabeth The Golden Age Last night while watching episode 4 and 5 of The TUDORS we had some questions so The Hubs went up and got on line. He found this great website that has all kinds of links that tell more about each character in The TUDORS. Luminarium Encyclopedia I'm sure there are many blogs and discussions out there about all of these movies and have been going on for a while and this is all old news. The Hubs and I are a little slow on the "current wagon" when it comes to some things. Does that mean we are getting old?
I find so many aspects of this part of history interesting. Not to mention the costumes in these movies are beautiful. If they would have shown movies like this in history class when I was in school I might have paid attention instead of obsessing over boys. **NOTE*** These movies really aren't for kids. They are very adult.
Also this weekend I received some of my first items for my little online business. Of course it's a monogrammed item. The Hubs just rolled his eyes but I love them! Estate Flags with matching pole. They come with your choice of a Fleur de Les pole or pineapple pole. Both look fabulous. They will retail for $60 for the flag on your choice of pole.
I'm so excited to get ours hung up. I originally bought one for our Mobile Estate but now I think I'll have to have one on the house too.

Well I guess I better get busy today. I had a very unproductive day yesterday. A nice day with my long time friend Suzy who came over for tea and a visit. But I got nothing done so today I need to be a busy fool.
Have a wonderful day!

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