Friday, April 18, 2008

Oprah Show on April 17, 2008 WASTE

Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? The subject was "what would you do without?" It was so interesting. When (not that long ago) I was a single woman with a sting of low paying jobs and never having enough money, waste wasn't' an option for me. I figured out ways to use everything and shop thrifty just to get by. Even now that I'm married and money is a little bit better I am still always in "Save and Use Up" frame of mind. I think it's a similar frame of mind that people living through the depression have.
The Oprah show yesterday made me really think about how The Hubs and I go through everyday life trying to be mindful of saving money and not wasting money , and in turn we are being sometimes more wasteful.
Sometimes while in "save" frame of mind, I can now see we are being even more wasteful in our efforts. I'm a coupon cutter and sale shopper. I will purchase things that I normally wouldn't buy just because I have a coupon. There are lots of times I know when buying the product that it's wasteful and something else would probably work just as well. Great Example; Mr Clean Eraser Sponge. What a huge waste of money! I knew when I bought it just scrubbing something with a little Soft scrub or even baking soda and elbow grease would do the job. Not to mention something else to fill up the landfills that doesn't probably break down. But noooooooooo I bought the sponge because I had a coupon. WASTEFUL! I used it 1 time and it's still sitting under the sink waiting to be thrown away. It didn't' work, it was a waste of money! Another example buying Avocados on sale because they are 4 for $10. Bananas, lettuce, tomatoes buying large quantities because they are on sale for a bulk price. The Hubs and I can't eat 4 avocados before they are not any good or 4or 5 of anything else before it goes bad. Well maybe cookies, we seem to do a good job on those! Lets face it, most of the produce you get in the grocery store is on it's last leg when we get it. Some of it is minutes away from needing to be compost. We are taking more then we need just because it's a deal. I know that the grocery store will give me the same price per pound on those items even if I buy 1! Yet I don't do it.
Energy wasting...........I'm guilty! 2 TV's on all day long. I don't watch them I listen to them while I'm working on the computer or wasting time on the computer. The computer..............on 24/7 and The Hubs and I are guilty of one of us being on it ALL the time. Gas heat...on all day long! I get up in the morning, shut off the outside lights that have been on all night, go down stairs and turn on the gas stove, TV and usually start the dryer or washing machine. EVERYDAY! Let me talk about the dryer if I'm confessing all my sins, I sometimes turn on the 18 minute wrinkle release setting 2 or 3 times before I actually take the clothes out and fold them. Mind you the clothes were dry before I started wrinkle release. Why do I do this? I don't take the clothes out as soon as my little song plays that lets me know the dryer is done. So they sit there, I come back hours or the next day and start it yet again and walk away. I forget that's what I was doing. WASTEFUL! I'm embarrassed.
The TV and Computer are two things I don't think The Hubs and I could live with out. We have a TV line up EVERY NIGHT that we think we must watch. I am guilty of going to sleep with the TV on every night. This is a sad statement I know and it's something we should probably start working on. Last night The Hubs was talking to me during one of "my shows" and I was all annoyed because he was talking. This isn't good! Even if I don't have a clue to what he's talking about or even care I should be listening. I would expect the same from him. This isn't a good way to start a marriage.
I shop for entertainment, I waste food, and I'm a TV / computer junkie. What am I going to do to change things? Probably not a damn thing! However I need to make some sort of effort.

I did make a New Years resolution that I would try to not take plastic bags when I was shopping. I said it out loud so I had to stick with it. WSU Laura turned me on to the L L Bean boat tote and it changed my life! I now use this for everything. It has helped in cutting down in plastic bags. I fill it up with all my post office stuff, dry cleaning and whatever other errands I have to do and throw it in the car. When it's empty I know I'm done, then I head to the grocery if I need to and take it in with me. I purchased an XL tote in the beginning and just recently got another in a size large. LLBEAN
It's just not just the money wasting that makes me feel guilty I'm starting to feel guilty about the environment too. Yes I admit I never did before until the last couple years. I worry about it but I haven't made much of an effort.
So now I need to rethink how I'm doing things around here. Will the TV and Computer be cut down? Probably not right away. That's pretty drastic. But I can come up with some other ways to cut back and stop being so wasteful. Let me know what your doing. Lets trade ideas.
Have a great weekend!
P.S. My commentary on Oprah if you did catch the show. The first family they had on there was HORRIBLE, they made no effort and should have been embarrassed of their out come. As well as they were sooooo wasteful. I was flabbergasted over the statement the husband made saying they were on the brink of losing everything yet they made little to no effort to change. Also...... if you TV cameras in your house wouldn't you want your room clean???
The second family with 2 young children did GREAT! They get big kudos from me. They took the challenge to heart and really looked at their lives and where they could change. GOOD JOB! They should be an example to all of us.


Laurie Anne said...

I've also made the switch to canvas bags (when I remember them) and I love them. They hold so much more and are easier to carry

Timi said...

I love mine. I was at Target yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff and didn't take a bag. I asked the clerk to just fold it up and I would take it with out a bag. She was so confussed and finally figured out I didn't want a bag. Well I ended up taking everything back today. So I put it all in my canvas bag and trotted down to Target. When I was done returning I went to look around the store with my big empty bag and guess who followed me all through the store? Security!