Friday, April 18, 2008

Did Mother Nature Forget To Look At What Month It Is?????

It's April 18, 2008 here in Western Washington. All I can say is............
I went shopping with WSU Laura today only to come home to this! Yes folks that's snow! An not just a little dusting a lot of it. As I sit and type to you it's almost white out across the yard and in the trees.

Our beautiful weeping cheery that had beautiful pink blossoms on it.

Patio furniture that was screaming for new cushions last Saturday when it was 70 out.

Out our computer room window. White as far as the eye can see. On the bright side, I have the best view out my window. I love working from home. Where else can you listen to Oprah in peace, enjoy a view, have a diet coke with ice and do it all in your sweats!

Have a wonderful weekend!


WSU Laura said...

I cannot believe this craziness! Can you say Global Warming?

Timi said...

Again........reason #467 why we don't use Aqua Net anymore! Who would have guessed that all that hair sticking straight up in the 1980's would lead to it snowing in April in 2008!