Saturday, April 19, 2008

And The Snow Continues!

We woke up to about 3" of snow this morning. Doesn't the calendar say April?
This isn't at all what I had in mind for this weekend. The Hubs just went and bought a new fancy pressure washer the other day and we were going to get busy this weekendgetting things cleaned up. Guess we will get some stuff done around inside the house and finish watching season 1 of the TUDORS.

Out the front window this morning.

That's The Hubs last night with Charlie out in the snow. That dog LOVES LOVES LOVES the snow. He gets his nose all the way down under the snow and snowplows as far as he can doing about 100 miles an hour. It usually takes about 2 seconds for him to be covered in snow and look like a snowball with 4 legs.
Oh, you ask if those are daffodils in the picture with the snow. Why yes it is! Last I heard it was SPRING HERE!


Laurie Anne said...

Love the Tudors. I'm so bummed we got rid of showtime, guess I'll have to wait for the DVD of season 2.
We got snow flurries last night in Tacoma, but nothing stuck. I wanted to take pictures, but I felt a little geeky telling my dinner guest to tawk amungst themselves while I go snap pics for my blog :0)

Timi said...

Laurie if you have Netflix you can order season 2 now. I think it just puts you on a waiting list for when they release it but they were having a special a couple weeks ago and we missed it. Anyway..........Season 2 is good!
You should have told them you had a "personal" matter to attend to. Nobody ever questions that until they get in their car. Then they just speculate! Mystery is good.