Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank You For Snow In April!

Snow Days Are My Friend!
I know I've been complaining for the last 3 days about snow in April but apparently snow days need to occur for me about once a month! Why you ask? The Hubs and I got so much done around here it was almost embarrassing it took snow to get us motivated. I got all my cool stuff listed on eBay, I got the computer room cleaned up, we found the other desk (it was piled high with crap) so The Hubs has a place to work now, I got all the laundry done, floors vacuumed, all caught up on the TUDORS, got some shopping in with WSU Laura, The Hubs and I got some of WSU Laura's wine drank up (we stopped by unannounced looking for a free drink) and we made some RVing plans with WSU Laura and family. All in all I felt like we got a lot accomplished. Like I said maybe we need 3 snow days once a month!

My Continued Effort To Not Be Wasteful
WSU Laura brought me some gifts this weekend. YEAH! I love gifts!
She bought me these lovely non-breakable glasses for our Mobile Estate. Well I just love them and couldn't wait for another camping trip to use them. As I was pulling them out of the dishwasher I realized that I had a better plan for these lovelies. I turned to The Hubs and said "these are my car glasses" "they can only be used in the car" Of course he looked at me and rolled his eyes and said "Are you freakin kidding me?" "Now we have to have special glasses for the car too?" He's still not over me buying special glasses for the Mobile Estate. Then I explained to him, every time I go to town I stop some where and get a Diet Coke BEFORE I even get started on my journey. The average stop is $1.67 per stop plus I'm using 1 cup, 1 lid, 1 straw. Sometimes I stop twice during the day. So now I have my new fabulous glasses that not only match my car perfect, they fit in the cup holders perfect and they hold 1 can of Diet Coke. Since I got my new glasses on Friday I haven't stopped to get a Diet Coke. I fix one at home and take it with me. Doing my part to cut back on my paper and plastic product consumption. I would like to cut back on my Diet Coke consumption but ONE THING AT A TIME!


Laurie Anne said...

Cute glasses, they do match your car perfectly. I'm the same way with Diet Mt. Dew. We joke that it is my life blood. I try to give it up now and then, but I'm not a coffee drinker and I need my caffine from somewhere :0)

lisagh said...

I mailed your fob yesterday... another perfect accessory for your totally cute car!