Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today Is My and The Hubs 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Today is my and The Hubs second wedding anniversary. Yeah, another year of nobody getting their eyes poked out for bad behavior. Well we don't have anything special planned (we are just too lazy and procrastinators) so I thought in honor of this wonderful event I would try to organize the wedding pictures a little bit. They have been sitting on a shelf for 2 years now in this exact mess.
Yes I know if I had a any "good wife" sense I would have had those in a lovely scrap book the day after the wedding. Well here's the deal......I'm lazy! I have lots of good ideas but really none of them ever come about. So here they sit. Today I cleaned them all up, went through some of them, threw some out and made it look like I was at least trying.

Here are some fun pictures for your viewing pleasure I found while going through that pile.

The Hubs Then and Now......Still bald!

Me in my younger day
OK, I guess I better go work on my photo scanning abilities before I share any more pictures with you. I swear in my next life when I'm tall and skinny and very popular..........I'm going to be a computer genius too!


Laurie Anne said...

Happy Anniversary!!
My wedding photo were painstakenly placed in an album using photo corners. When Ben was 2 he pulled them all out and I just shoved them in a pile and closed the cover. They are still like that 8 years later :0)

WSU Laura said...

Happy Anniversary! Any jam eating for you? I can't think of a better couple. You are the ying to his yang, the jelly to his peanut butter, or the olive to his martini. You know what I mean.

Donna said...

I'm a loser!! You told me it was your anniversary this week and I forgot - Happy Anniversary!

Timi said...

Thank you everyone for your Anniversary wishes. I appreciate it. Alot of people thought this wouldn't last this long. They all thought The Hubs would have killed me by now or just thrown up his hands and ran away. :-)