Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oprah's Self Help Book Recommendations Aren't Helping Me!

I have been listening to the Secret and Ekhart Tolle on CD as recommended by Oprah. Well I thought I was getting a little something out of them but apparently I'm not!
Today is The Hubs Birthday and I did nothing. Let me remind you yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary and I also did nothing. I'm the worst wife ever! I really thought I would be a better wife then I am. To all those guys I dated out there who dumped my ass...........GOOD CALL!
I had the best of intentions but just didn't make it happen. The Hubs has class tonight so I can't redeem myself by making a nice dinner. I guess there is still time for a cake. I should have gotten him something fabulous and made a cake or cupcakes to take in to his office. This is how bad a wife I am................I don't even know where his office is. AAAAAAAh lordy, it's getting worse isn't it? Wait until I finish the story...............
I started out my day thinking I was going to get so much done today. Crazy productive! Do something for The Hubs for his birthday, get a gift, stop and get his dry cleaning that I keep forgetting to get, and perhaps pick up something wonderful for him to snack on when he gets home tonight late after a long day at work and school. I even made myself some lunch at home and fixed a Diet Coke in my new fabulous car matching glasses. I didn't want to be wasteful and I didn't want to eat any junk food while out being so productive. Well I trotted off to town and made the mistake of stopping at the casino for a minute. HUGE MISTAKE! I lost all my money, didn't get The Hubs a gift , a card, not even something wonderful to eat when he gets home from school tonight. I did stop at the grocery and get a few things we were out of like Diet Coke for me! In addition to this I bought a box of Hostess Variety Pack doughnuts which I ate on the way home thinking it might make me feel better about the horrible decisions I had made. Well guess what??? Now, not only do I feel horrible about being a bad wife, a wife with "the problem", a self absorbed wife now I'm a wife with a big fat doughnut eating ass!
On top of all of this the building contractor that we had build our deck last summer (who never finished and never came back to finish after repeated calls) is now calling me every day wanting money for his work. Today was one of his standard phone calls. This just gets me stewing even more.
Is this why people drink and do drugs!
Charlie and I made an effort to get ourselves out of hot water on The Hubs birthday. I made a chocolate Kahlua cake and yellow cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Both The Hubs favorite. Charlie had to help because he pooped on the floor tonight. He also stinks because I didn't give him a bath today. I'm hoping if I drag him in to my cake making The Hubs won't notice he still smells. The pooping on the floor.........The Hubs can probably do without knowing that today.
Charlie in the middle of the kitchen floor helping me.

Kahlua Cake
1 Chocolate Cake Mix (I like the Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Super moist Cake Mix)
1 Pint Sour Cream (non fat works too)
1 small package chocolate or vanilla instant pudding (sugar free works too)
2 eggs
¼ cup vegetable or canola oil
½ cup Kalua
Chocolate chips optional
Mix all together by hand. Do not use mixer. It doesn’t have to be mixed until the lumps are out. Just mix until the cake mix is mixed in with all the other ingredients. Bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes in a bunt pan. This also works well in cupcake tins. Frost with either chocolate frosting or sprinkle with powder sugar.
I like to make this cake in small bunt pans and give away as gifts with a plate of cookies for the holidays. It’s always a hit.


lisagh said...

Donuts are good eatin'. Don't beat yourself up!

Timi said...

They were good! :-)
Thank you for the kind words.

WSU Laura said...

That damn Oprah! Still love ya.

Michelle said...

I found a book that was different than all the rest self help books. This book was for me and me only. You'll see. They put your name right there in the book. It is very emotional and very empowering all at the same time.

You can go see it at

Hope this helps.