Thursday, April 24, 2008

News and Reality TV

Lets just get clear the air now........I WATCH TOO MUCH TV!
As you all know The Hubs had a birthday yesterday. I was unaware that he shared it with a couple of my favorite actresses. I found this information very exciting. However The Hubs was unexcited. He said "uhmmm"
Shirley Temple who turned 80 and ValerieBertinellie who turned 48.
I was shocked at Shirley Temple being 80. I guess when you watch the movies over and over you get stuck in a time warp and forget they have aged. She still looks great!
Valerie looks great also. I think she looked great when she was chubby too! I haven't read her book yet. Has anyone? Is it worth the purchase?
On a side note I told a long time friend (we went to grade school and high school together) yesterday in an e-mail that it was The Hubs birthday and she sent me a reply that made me laugh so hard I thought I would wet my pants. She said "Oh I didn't know he shared a birthday with my Dad , brother and cousin" "It's also the day I lost my virginity!" Now when I told The Hubs this I got a reaction. "DAMN!" "Why would you tell me that, now I'm going to be looking at her weird when I see her!" He was probably right , I should have kept that information to myself but it just made me laugh.
Does everyone know the date they lost their virginity? I know who it was with but not the date.
Anyway on to more interesting news I learned last night......Star Jones getting a divorce. Very interesting indeed. I'm not sure why I found this so interesting but I did. I will say it was hard not to pass judgement on her. But since she doesn't call and let me know what's going on I guess I don't know the whole story! So I'll save my judgement rant for myself.
Has anyone but me been watching Big Brother 9?
I can't believe that Shelia and Adam made it to the final 3. I really thought those two jokers would have been voted out in the beginning. All Shelia ever did was complain and whine. And Adam........his voice drove me nuts! Now that Ryan is a hottie and I think he played the game well and should win. Mostly he should win because he is a little hottie.
Now to the thing that made me laugh the most last night...Shelia being shocked that she was getting voted out. Did she really think that a guy would pick her over another guy??? Good grief! Guys stick together and they are really going to stick together when there are cameras on them and other guys watching! DAH!
Well I'm glad this almost over, I ready to wrap up my reality show viewing for a while. I have Survivor to finish up, Top Chef, and Hell's Kitchen. With the days getting a little longer and maybe some nice weather in our future I'm going to want to do something else beside sit my big fat doughnut eatin, Cold Stone eatin ass in front of the TV.
By the way.......If you haven't tried Cold Stone Creamery you should. I highly recommend the banana ice cream with fudge mixed in. It's addicting.

Does anyone watch Days of Our Lives?
I'm loving the new John Black! Finally someone who isn't so goody goody all the time. That show was screaming for a villain. Especially now that Stephano is in a comma. Victor is now reflecting on his life and wants to change to be a better person. You know Oprah is having an effect on people when even soap opera villains want to change! Nicole should shake things up a little too.
OK, that's it. I need to get busy. After my dismal performance yesterday I do have to be crazy productive today!
P.S. Charlie did get a bath this morning and another bath towel was sacrificed.

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