Thursday, May 29, 2008

GEEEEEEE Honey I don't know????

Gee Honey I don't know why your side of the bed kind of smells like dog???
My little lover Charlie comes and gets in bed with me every morning as soon as The Hubs pulls out of the drive way. As soon as Charlie hears that garage door go down and the car pull out of the drive way he tears up the stairs and jumps up in bed. He snuggles down under the comforter and sleeps like a rock. There have been many a mornings that I have awaken to a cold nose and heaving dog breath snoring at the end of my nose.
This is where he sleeps until about 10:30 when he finally pulls his lazy dog self out of bed and comes barking and growling at me to take him out.
This little shit has it made! Trust me the cat isn't suffering either!


WSU Laura said...

"I am NEVER going to be one of those pet owners." Coming back to haunt you about now isn't it. ; - )

Timi said...

Oh I'll be the first to admit I'm "one of those" Ladies. The ones I use to make fun of!
Big ass, polar fleece covered in dog and cat hair, baseball hat, animals eating organic food, using organic products while I'm having Diet Coke and Cheetos! ;-) Oh yeah! I have turned in to one of those!