Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Was The Beach?

Over the Memorial Day weekend The Hubs, Charlie and I headed over to the Washington Coast for 4 days. To Long Beach Washington. With mobile estate in tow we were off on Thursday afternoon as soon as The Hubs got home.
Getting started was a little rocky. Electric hitch blew a fuse in the middle of trying to get the trailer hooked up, The Hubs pissed off. I dropped a 12 pack of Diet Coke in the driveway where 3 can's exploded all over me, the dog was going crazy with excitement while I was holding on to his leash and cans of pop were spraying everywhere. What a mess! Hubs, still pissed off trying to get the hitch to work, no way in hell he's doing it manually. Finally we are on the road!
First stop.......end of our road.........The Hubs forgot to hook up the lights on the trailer. OOOPS!
Our route.........Hwy 405 to I-5 South. Then West on HWY 12, to HWY 107, then finally HWY 101 to the coast. Approximately 200 miles.
Second stop..........Montesano Quick Stop. Everyone needed to powder their nose! Just FYI there are NO rest stop between South Seattle and Montesano. There is one going north bound, but not south bound. Stop in Fife at McDonald's if you need powder your nose. While at the Quick Stop we asked where we should stop and have a bite to eat that we could get in and out with the mobile estate. The clerk said in the quickest response ever "Clarks, 8 miles up the road" This was also suggested by Andersen's RV Park in their e-mail to us for reservation updates.
So we were off to Clarks! Almost exactly 8 miles off the road was this little diner with NOTHING else around it for miles.
Clarks Restaurant

Let me tell you about Clarks...........I don't know why this place doesn't have a line of people waiting out front for hours! This was the best damn burger I have had in a long time! I'm not kidding and neither were some of the other patrons. When they got up to leave after stuffing themselves silly they walked over to the owner and said "This was the best burger I have had!" I wish I would have taken a picture of the burger and fries I had, but I ate it too fast, the camera wouldn't have captured it. The Hubs wouldn't have been any help anyway with the camera. I didn't hear a word out of him for about 15 minutes and I don't know if I heard him breath the whole time he was gobbling down his burger. The burgers are nummy nummy nummy, they have home made crisped to perfection fries. I promise you, your choice of items will be a 15 napkin entree that will drip down your arms with all it's goodness. Then after you thought you couldn't take any more deliciousness..............The shake came!

I had the hot fudge shake. FANTASTIC!! Let me tell you why this is going to be the BEST shake you ever had in your whole life...................It's made with HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! I swear to god! It's true! Annnnnnd you can taste it's home made goodness with everybite! You can read more about Clarks on my YELP review.


Next stop............RV Park, and getting set up at 10 pm. By now The Hubs is draggin butt. Not only has he been up since 4 am but his belly is full full full! He was ready to call it a night. I will say this, he did an EXCELLENT job backin that big ole mobile estate up in to the space in the pitch black night. I think he lost his Rookie RV Driving Card that night. I won't have to put the sign on the back of the mobile estate like I had planned...........It was going to say..............



In Long Beach we stayed at Andersen's RV Park which was very nice. It's just a short walk away from the beach. This park is super dog friendly. Full hook ups, wi-fi, and cable. It was really nice and The Hubs and I would definitely stay again. It was very clean, staff was super helpful, facilities were very clean and maintained, and the park was actually quiet after 10 pm. My only complaint is that the spaces are super close together. There is NO Privacy at this park. We actually had to move our picnic table so the trailer next to us could put their slide out all the way out. You can also read my review of Andersen's on Yelp.

Friday Morning............I was up bright and early, ready to go and begging The Hubs to get up! Where would Princess Lazy Ass want to go so bright and early you ask?????? To 28 miles of garage sales! Yes that's right! I had The Hubs drag my high maintenance ass all the way over there so I could go to garage sales all weekend long! It was so fun. Well we also went to hang out with WSU LAURA and Company since I did invite myself along on their trip. There was that too. But the big main reason..........Garage Sales! I will tell you, this is a fun trip and if you DON'T have high expectations of finding lots of goodies you will enjoy it also. There are alot of garage sales yes, but they don't have tons of stuff at them. Most of the sales a spars with items. Every once in a while you will run across a sale that they have a garage full and drive way full of stuff. It was almost more fun driving around off the main hwy (were you stick to when in unfamiliar territory) looking at all the old beach homes and visiting with locals. There was one sale I spied them setting up on Friday at a local business in town. (Dr. Somethingorother, you know who you are) and I was so excited. They had this whole 4 bay shop full of stuff and they had been in there working on getting it set up all day long. I told the The Hubs tomorrow morning we go there first! That's going to be a good sale. Well it was RIDICULOUS! The prices at this place were so damn high they should have been embarrassed. They were even over 2nd hand store prices. I saw on Sunday that they still had a lot of stuff left. UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMM wonder why??? This sparks a huge rant the rest of the day.

Here is my rant on garage sales and my unsolicited opinion............It's your junk! Stuff you aren't using, stuff you need out of your way, just stuff you want gone! I know what it's worth new or what you paid for it new. I don't need to be told when I ask how much you want for it now. It's worth NOTHING if nobody buys it. If it's brand new in the box never been's still not worth half of what you paid for it. If I want to pay half price, I'll wait for it to go on sale and go buy it for half price AND........get a receipt from the store so I can take it back if something goes wrong. Are you the garage sale seller going to give me that guarantee??? I didn't think so! Also, please don't charge me for your emotional attachment to an item. There was a little birdhouse I wanted and it didn't have a price on it. I asked how much it was and the woman said "oh a friend of mine from Texas gave that to me" "She was so excited to give that to me" "oh how about $7?" Me "oh OK, thank you" I put it down and left. It was a little birdhouse, I was willing to pay at the most $3 or $4 tops. Why didn't I haggle with her? She already told me she's still emotionally attached to the birdhouse. If your not ready to get rid of it then don't! I don't need you to justify to me why your getting rid of it, or pay a price that will help you justify you getting rid of it without any guilt! Garage sale sellers keep this in mind............those of us who go on a regular basis need NOTHING! We aren't desperate to have the item. We are out there garage selling looking for a deal on something we didn't even know we needed yet. We are there to have fun, shop around, and we like to get out and chat with people. If you want a higher price for your item maybe close to what you paid for it new......YOU need to take the time to sell it on EBay , Craigslist, or Consign it. Garage sales are meant to CLEAR OUT, not let me shop through your garage to see what you have. OK Done! Sorry about that needed to get that off my chest, we saw alot of these garage sales this weekend.

I did find a few garage sales that were fantastic! Those people were there to sell, clean out and make a little extra cash. Here are a few of my finds this weekend.

This was my very favorite find of the weekend. Black Pen and Ink of two Terrier Puppies. LOVE THIS!
My second most favorite find. This sweet little Bone China tea set. Love the little fuchsia pink star burst on it. I'm trying to figure out how this is going to look fabulous on my hutch.
These are a couple other beauties I found. The Chrome Canister set in Excellent condition and Pyrex Set in Excellent Condition. These will probably find their way to EBay or my Website for sale. They didn't work out for me like I thought they would.
Well this wraps up day 1 of the trip to Long Beach


Laurie Anne said...

I could not agree more. We had a sell last weekend and I didn't make that much money because I priced stuff low. I figured what I would pay for something and that was the price. I also accepted whatever was offered. I wanted it gone. What's worse in the pricing game is when nothing is priced and they say "make an offer". This used to bother me because I didn't want to offend them, but now I just say what I'm willing to pay. Can't hurt to ask and they just might give it to you for that. Like you said we need nothing, so I usually lowball so if they say yes, it was meant to be. If not, that is okay too (one less item for the GW next week) :0)

Manager Mom said...

That Clarks place looks exactly like a place I ate at in Fairbanks, Alaska. Except the Fairbanks place was calledc "Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn." No joke!