Saturday, May 31, 2008

How Was The Beach Part Deux!

I need to finish telling you about our trip to the beach so I can move on to some more exciting stories. I have been busy the last couple days!
Sooooooooooo on Saturday day 2 at the beach............
The Hubs and I got up and got movin' to garage sales fairly early again. I can't press my luck with the O'Dark:30 time schedule too many times. The Hubs gets a little cranky.
There were a couple sales I spotted on Friday that were starting today so we needed to get movin! First stop Cottage Bakery for coffee and a sweet treat. If they don't have what you want don't need it! I was very happy with my little selection of .........1 of everything! The Hubs had a Buttermilk Bar and a cream cheese-filled croissant that made him very happy with his big cup of coffee. Important to keep The Hubs happy other wise he's not a good shopper. Side note for visiting the Cottage Bakery , if you are lucky enough (as we were) a mother will come in with two small children and tell them to pick out whatever they want. Then the mother will walk over to the coffee counter to order her drink while leaving little Johnny and Suzy to pick out their treats. Little Johnny and Suzy will be eyeballing the cute little sprinkles doughnuts but if you ever so nicely point out the BIG KING SIZE TEXAS glazed doughnut to them, they will squeal with glee that they want that! Good luck mom! Yeah, sometimes I'm just evil that way. She should have been more specific about what they could choose.
The Hubs and I were off like a prom dress! We hit some good sales, chatted with some very nice people and admired some lovely homes on the beach. We ended up in Ilwaco which is a short distance south of Long Beach. This is a cute little place to explore as well. They have a great farmers market (not much produce) with lots of local crafters. Make sure you stop and look at the historical landmarks here. This part of the Washington and the Oregon Coast are some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever lay your eyes on, and it's filled with lots history. If you're a Lewis and Clark-era history buff, this is going to be the place for you.
RING RING...........Cell Phone .......Ring Ring................It's WSU Laura and Posse....They are in town! Let the games begin!
The first night WSU Laura and friends were in town we didn't get together because everyone was pretty tired from traveling and we had been going all day. I called WSU Laura and told her to take her posse to Clarks so they could enjoy the fantastic goodness it had to offer. So they stopped and stuffed themselves silly also. So everyone called it a night early. Well we did anyway. I do believe that WSU Laura's Posse played a little game of cards we love called "Cat and Mouse." I'll explain that later...
I have to mention a place that The Hubs and I found in Long Beach that we LOVED! It's called the Surfers Sand. It's a tiny little building off the road with a walk up window, some picnic tables and a big sign out front that says CHEESE STEAK SANDWICHES. It was fabulous! Worth the stop. You can read more about The Surfer Sands on my review on Yelp

Sunday................We did a whole lot of nothing for most of the day, just kind of hung out at our campsite, read, and walked the dog on the beach. Then we went and met WSU Laura and friends for lunch at The Light Ship which has a beautiful view of the beach. The food and service was great also.

Then we GIRLS (WSU Laura, Friend G, and Myself) decided we needed to venture out and take a ride down the coast to see if we could find this great antique store I had been to a couple of years ago. So off we went! We made some stops along the way at some yard sales, but finally we got down to Seaside Oregon where there it was...the antique store I had dreamed about for 2 years dying to go back to. There it was, that cute little building and an "OUT OF BUSINESS" sign! I wanted to cry. But I soon got over it when Friend G said let's get a Diet Coke and go in to Seaside to see if they have cute shops. Well we found a couple cute little shops but for the most part..........We don't need to go back to Seaside again! There is a little factory outlet mall that has some great shops, you might want to stop there to check it out....and in Oregon......TAX FREE!
Well now it's getting late and everyone's cell phone is ringing asking were we are and when are we coming back. So we head on back to Long Beach. We stop at Chico's Pizza and pick up dinner for all the guys. (always the best way to make sure men aren't mad at you when you walk in the door)
After the kids were fed and in bed we adults decided that a little game of "Cat and Mouse" was in order. This is a card game that has been in my family for years, and now I have passed it on to my friends. We love it. It's basically 3 card poker. Highest hand wins. You say mouse if you don't want to play after you get your cards, you say cat if you think your hand is a winner. If you're a cat and you lose to another cat, you have to match the money in the pot. The pot grows as the game goes on, the laughter gets bigger as more beverages are consumed. It's fun!

While we were playing cards we started giving each other nicknames. If you're in a posse don't you need a nickname? They always have a nickname on TV.
WSU Laura- "Hoodie", she's always wearing a hoodie.
Friend G - "G-Money" - She's got more wrapped up in beautiful handbags than I have in living room furniture!
WSU Laura's Hubs - "Bitch" - He was sitting closest to the wine, beer, fridge, and sink, He was everyone's bitch that night. Finally after too much wine Bitch finally spoke up and said "HEY, I'm not your bitch!"
Friend G's Hubs- "Music Man" - he's the technical, music guy and the best card dealer ever.
The Hubs - J-man..........not so creative but after about 4 bottles of wine the laughing gets to a new high and the creativity goes to an all time low.

Me...........I was on the end of the list so I didn't get a nickname.

Here are some pictures from our fun card game;

Good Wine, Good friends, make for a lot of laughter!First Trips of the evening! Congrats G-Money!"Hoodie" being all....Gangsta! Bitch got into the "Trips Club" too!
This was a great trip! We had so much fun. We are sooooooooooo looking forward to Pacific Beach in July where WSU Laura and Family, The Hubs and I, and some other friends are going to be spending a week at the beach.
CAN'T WAIT! On a side note........If he wasn't hanging his head out the truck window, this is how Charlie spent his 4 day vacation......Digging to China every chance he got! He was the happiest dog in the world!!!!!!

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