Sunday, June 1, 2008

What Brings You Back To Your Roots

Life is fast paced, people get under your skin, and sometimes you feel out of control, your family feels out of control and sometimes you feel your alone in this big ole rat race. What gets you grounded again?

For me it's my childhood home, my childhood friends, and memories of growing up in a small farm community. This weekend I was lucky enough to spend a whole day with my grade school/high school friends all at once. It's rare that we can all get together, so this was a big treat. These are girls that I went to grade school with and still stay in contact with. Many people find this weird when I mention it, but these are some of my dearest friends. Even though all of our lives have taken different paths and we don't' really see each other socially on a regular basis and kids don't go to school together, when we get together it's like we are still in 4th grade and as close as ever. It's like we have never not seen each other everyday. It's an energy I can't explain, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over and brings you back to a comfortable, grounded, centered, place within yourself.

Now.......................Baseball 1974

Friend T was home visiting for a week from New Jersey so this called for a girls get together which I arranged and volunteered Friend S to host. What are friends for?????Friend S had everything set up beautiful. China and crystal on the table with lots of lovely spring flowers on the table. Let me tell you about who was there;

Friend S is the health and spiritual advisor of the group. She is the picture of health, is very spiritual, is one of the most gracious women I know. She will listen with a sympathetic and non judgemental ear. Which is something a girl always needs. She also has a beautiful home and I love to go there. Not just because it's beautiful, and I always steal the most amazing things for my own home (not really but I like to tell her that!) but because it's a place where you feel comfortable, you know you never need an invitation, and when you walk through that door you are greeted with open arms. I always go home relaxed and inspired to do something wonderful! Did I mention she has 5 boys whom she home schools? These boys are handsome and smart. So smart I can't carry a conversation on with them. Most of the time they are over my head in any subject. I wish Friend S would teach them about decorating and shoes so we could chat!Friend S's Shack where the shin-dig was held.
Friend T is our Bling! She's tall blond, beautiful, funny, and has your back in any situation. You can count on Friend T for ANYTHING! We love to see her whenshe's visiting. Friend T
Friend B is our creative and very organized friend. This woman is one of the most creative well organized women I know. Not only is she creative but she is so upbeat and fun that she's infectious to be around. Even my mother has said "oh I just love Friend B, she is just sooooooooo fun to be around, I love her!" Friend B works very hard at creating ways to beg for money for the local Hospital Guild (she's very good at this) and we love her for that! Without her work, there wouldn't be the quality of health care that we have in our small farming community. She is a great scrapbooker too, she brought stacks of scrapbooks that were so much fun to look at. I so admire these people who take the time to creatively document their lives. I could go on and on about Friend B and her creativity, her house she has completely remodeled, and all her fabulousness!
Friend L is our Historian..........Friend L is amazing. She has saved and scrap booked every moment of her life. I admire this. She showed up to our get-together with books and books of pictures and newspaper clippings from grade school and high school. Pictures of weddings, baby showers, young mothers trying to hold it together, and get-together we have had over the years. It was so much fun looking through all these. Friend L also has her finger on the pulse of what's going on, so it's always fun to chat with her.
Friend L with her cake that ended up looking like a penis with a lot of hair. It was really good but secretly I think she is interviewing for a job Master Cake Maker at The Erotic Bakery
Friend M is the compassionate, fun loving, stylish, adventurous one. Her compassion, sympathy, and kindness is always so comforting to me. She too is infectious to be around. She always looks great, she runs marathons, participates in every walking and running fundraiser there is for Breast Cancer, and is just overall..........a fantastic person. She's going to be one of my road trip buddies to The Farm Chicks Show next weekend. We are so excited!
This was one of the best days I have had in a long time! Friend S put on a nice spread for us at her little shack of a house. After looking through some pictures we found a picture of us making a pyramid when we were in grade school so we decided that maybe we could recreate it.
30 years later................We still have it!

1978 2008

Later on in the afternoon we took a tour of Friend S's farm. Isn't this barn beautiful. Makes me want to turn in my rein of Princess Lazy Ass.

Stephen Bonanno's where not meant for the barn yard. Dang!

I'm going to Friend S's for Thanksgiving this year! S's sons have an avery that has every type of bird you can imagine. It's so much fun to wonder around the farm. S's sons are also working on another amazing project. They are plowing a field with horse and plow. Planting oats by hand and I would imagine seeing it through clear to harvesting.
The Draft Horses are being loaded up and taken to the field.I didn't get pictures of all the girls. I'll have to post them as they come in to me from other cameras. If they will give them to me, you know how we girls are?
Thanks for letting me share this really great day with you.

If you have been thinking of an old friend and haven't talked to them in ages.................CONTACT THEM NOW! I bet you won't regret it!

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