Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Happy Day ! Happy Day ! Happy Day!
Today I went out in the pouring down rain to get the mail and take the dog out for a little pee. Anticipating junk mail and bills I didn't run up the driveway as I would have if I were expecting something.
I opened the mailbox and what did I find???? Not only my Martha Stewart Magazine but..............My invite to Annie's Antiques Sale this weekend.
If you haven't made a trek to Snohomish before, this weekend is the time to do it! So gather up your girlfriends, your daughters, Granny, the dog, your husband or someone who just looks like they want to go for a ride and head to Snohomish.
There so many great little shops in Snohomish but I love Annie's Antiques the most. There is nothing I enjoy more then a beautiful day, a ladies lunch at the Snohomish Pie Company and a visit to Annie's where I always find something. The reason I always go to Annie's first is because out of all the swanky antique stores in Snohomish (and the Seattle Burbs) she is ALWAYS the most reasonably priced and doesn't have the same old tired stuff. She's not running a museum, she's there to sale stuff so there is always something new.
Sale starts Friday May 16th and runs thru Sunday May 18th. Items will be marked down 10%-50%. With already reasonable prices.......This is a fantastic sale!

Store on Second Street, Snohomish Washington
2000 sqf. of Fabulous Stuff

Now here the even more exciting part.............The sale is at both stores!
Yes it's true! Annie has 2 stores now (for those of you who haven't been to Snohomish for a while) that are full of great items. French and Italian furniture and accessories from the past, mixed with new decor. I guarantee you will leave with something.
The new store is on First Street down at the west end of town. Across the street from Chuck's Seafood Grotto and the American Legion. Look for the monogrammed estate flag out front.
Here are some more places you can hit if your planning a day trip.

Flower World.....Flowers Flowers Flowers!

Molbak's...........Flowers flowers flowers and wonderful things. They also serve lunch here.
Ste. Michele Winery..........Fantastic wine, great gift shop, other wineries near by.
Purple Cafe ......Try the flights and Lobster Mac&Cheese

Redhook Brewery...............Fantastic Deck for outside seating.

That should keep you busy for the beautiful weekend we have forcasted. Get the sunscreen, put on your shorts and flip flops and take a road trip!

Please e-mail me if you need more information on where to go or some place I missed. I'm always up for a good road trip.


Anonymous said...

congrats, that seems like a great store.

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WSU Laura said...

Yummm lobster mac and cheese. Sure doesn't feel so fabulous yet. Just waiting for a gorgeous weekend.

Laurie Anne said...

Might just have to make the trek up there. Can't pass up a good sale :0)
Here is the magic tool
I got mine at Ace. It makes weeding soooo easy, you will actually want to do it. :0)

Tiffany said...

Fantastic! I haven't been up to Snohomish in about five or six years. I think this weekend is a great time to get away for a bit!

I love your blog! Finding other local bloggers is great fun! I'm in Bonney Lake.

Swing on over to my corner of the web and say hi some time!