Thursday, May 22, 2008

Off To The Beach

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The only time I seem to be able to get my lazy butt out of bed at 4 am with The Hubs are days we are leaving for a trip! Flying, RVing, Convertible road trip, I don't care, I'm up and ready!
I know, I know, no kids, no job, I should be getting up every morning with him. Making breakfast, ironing shirts, feeding the dog and cat, and just being there for him as I send him off on his hour long commute to the rat race. I don't! I'm a horrible wife, I really thought I would be better at it but it hasn't happened yet.
On the mornings we are leaving for a trip.............I'm the first on up!

My job this morning is to get the mobile estate all packed, dog ready, and make sure there are some pots and pans in cooking. We went on a trip last month and I forgot them. I never knew how creativity I could be in my cooking.
The Hubs has been putting in some long hours this week so he can leave early today , take tomorrow off and allow us to get on the raod this afternoon. Now leaving today was my idea, he's convinced we're crazy and sitting in rush hour traffic as we travel through 3 major cities isn't his idea of a good time. As well as he keeps reminding me that he gets up at 3:30 am to go to work and it's going to be a long day. He has reminded me of these things everyday for a week.
YEAH YEAH YEAH! Whatever.........LET'S GO!!!

So where are we going you ask???? Long Beach Washington Yep! The Hubs is drivin my high maintenance ass with the mobile estate to the beach!

Why Long Beach? Well WSU Laura and family will be there with their good friends the Woods Family. So we decided to invite ourselves and go over also. Aren't we great friends???? We just invite ourselves to where ever or what ever we think we will enjoy that you have planned. We will be staying at Andersen's RV Park and the other families will be staying at a resort so it's not like we invited ourselves to share their beach cottages.
Another big reason I wanted to go besides just getting to go to the beach, is that I heard Long Beach has a huge Community Garage Sale this weekend. This is what the website says........

World's Longest Garage Sale 28-miles of garage sales! Grab a copy of the Chinook Observer, or just follow the signs. There are so many sales, you can practically walk from one to the next, up and down the Peninsula.

This sounds right up my alley! WSU Laura said the last time they were there it wasn't that good but I need to see for myself. If we get there tonight then I'll be there all day to shop on Friday and Saturday. It's a garage selling dream for me.

So I have the mobile estate loaded with every thing we will need for the weekend. Laptop, wine, wine glasses, 1's and 5's (for the sale), my walking shoes, the dogs leash , clean underwear , toothbrush and the 30 gallon diesel gas tank filled with it's $4.95 a gallon gas. No wonder The Hubs bitches about going! I'm ready to go! As I sit here writting about the up coming trip I'm giddy with excitment. Like a kid on a half day of school. Still at age 43 I get so excited to go any where that I can hardly sleep the night before. It's one of those joys in life I hope never fades.

I'll keep you posted over the weekend on good finds, how the RV Park is and the goins ons. It's going to be fun!!!!!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend no matter what you do.

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Donna said...

Here's my story!

So some friends of mine *wink, wink* got me all set up to be a Wedding Officiant and hooked me up with their photographer friend - I was set and posted an ad on craigslist - little did I know how much crazy I was getting myself into! I figured I would just earn a little extra money on the side for folks who didn't want to go through the whole shebang of what's required to get married in a church. I was contacted by a woman who was going to get married to an older man in a nice ceremony at a local winery. It was going to be small - she needed a photographer so I hooked her up with Barb. Little did Barb and I know when we got there all hell was going to break loose! I just thank God Barb was there because if I was alone I don't know how I would have handled it!! First of all this woman was in her 50s marrying an 85 year old man! She was his in-home nurse and his family was none too happy about the situation! But after talking to him, I decided he was definitely an adult, lucid and knew what he wanted! Plus his grandaughter who was the voice of reason in all of this said, let him do what makes him happy! Well his daughters did not agree - one of them begged me to not marry them, offering me money in front of the whole congregation!! The other one waited until after the ceremony started for me to ask if anyone disagrees to speak now or forever hold their peace - when I didn't say it she got up in the middle and walked out when she realized I wasn't going there! Well all that was way tooo much drama for me - I've hung up my Reverend hat for strangers - from now on friends and family ONLY!