Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not Just Any Ole E-Mail

I became a blogger because of WSU Laura, not because I thought I had something of importance to say. And trust me I GOT NOTHIN of importance to say! Just ask The Hubs.
I never really thought that anyone would actually read my blah blah I posted every once in a while. I really just wanted to be able to comment on others blogs.

WELL...........I got an e-mail that might as well have been from Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sweet Potato Queen Jill Conner-Browne or Queen Elizabeth her self!

Timi! You have no idea how much your happy, sweet, enthusiastic, funny, fun blog entry means to us! We took a year off to try and figure out how to make our spread out, crowded outdoor show better for shoppers and vendors and even though the rain fell (we definitely need to make adjustments to our admission process) everyone was so understanding and happy! I swear, we have the best vendors and shoppers!!!

I’m so glad you and your friends were able to join us and as soon as we get the next show booked it’ll be on our website.

Thanks again Timi!!

Oh, the Davenport Hotel will have a discounted FC rate again for the next show…pillow top mattresses and complimentary candy each night! J

Teri Edwards
The Farm Chicks
Live Well*Laugh Often*Junk Much

YEAH, That's right! Teri Edwards herself. One of the Queens Of The Farm Chicks!
Of course she isn't inviting me over for ice tea and coffee cake or for her to pitch a new Farm Chick idea and get my opinion, or an invite to go junkin.
It is however an e-mail from her! It's the little things that make me happy. Especially when I was still giddy from that fantastic show those ladies put on.
I guess there are a couple people out there reading. It kind of gives you goose bumps when you think about it. So you ladies who think that nobody reads what you say.............It's soooooo true..............You never know who's reading your blog!

So as long as The Hubs keeps payin the Internet cable bill and a thought is running through my head I WILL BLOG!

That's my Gone With the Wind impression only a 2008 version.

Have a wonderful day!

Check out Annie's in Snohomish, she is new to blogging. She has FABULOUS Stores in Snohomish and I'm so excited to see what she's posting and showing off. I think you will enjoy it too. Add her to your favorites!


WSU Laura said...

You are famous! Nice going Timi. That is like a blogasm. He he he.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Way to go Timi! Just read all about the Farm Chicks..they've got GREAT stuff!!

Thanks for stopping by my lil ole blog!