Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who Would You Be A Spokesperson For?
There are a lot of products on the market that I truly love and I feel I can't live without. We all have them.

Corporate America gets us hooked on certain products that they say we can't live without and then...........BAM........THEY CANCEL THEM! Take them off the market, put them on grocery store product death row! Or worse yet.........Stupid Prices which I think is a stupid store and I don't shop there. Anyway......back to my half rant.........This cancellation happens all the time with bras, running shoes, and lipstick! You know what I'm talkin about! This is so maddening. You go to find your favorite product and can't! Now it's not as easy to find as Corporate America made it in the beginning. You start to panic, what are you going to do? I need that product, I can't live without that! This must be what crackheads feel like when they try to find their usual dealer and they aren't anywhere to be seen. I'm now a bit more sympathetic to my local drug addicts.

I have been freakin out over the last couple weeks because I couldn't find one of my favorite products at any of my usual shopping places where I had purchased this product so easily before at a discount with a coupon. The product I have been searching high and low for? Tide Simple Pleasures laundry soap. My flavor of choice is Water Lilly and Jasmine in the blue jug. In my search, I even got on the Tide website to find out where I could get it.
Website says...........available at all stores. Well this is good news! They say it's still available and I haven't seen it yet in Household Death Row at our local discount grocery store. Here it's called the Grocery Outlet we call it the Used Food Store at this house hold.

So I was off to find my much needed laundry soap. I've been out for a few weeks and I'm really missin it. I need it! I went to my usual places because I thought maybe I was just over looking it. The website said available at all stores. Well BULLS^$#! !!!!! Now grant it I only use this particular laundry soap on my linens and some of my clothes (The Hubs thinks a little too fufu for every day, but he does love clean sheets and pillowcase washed in it) it could have been discontinued since I last purchased it. I don't buy it that often. In fact I probably have only bought it 2 times since it's been on the market. We are two people, we don't use that much product............Which........Tide marketing people if your reading this........Please keep that in mind when your thinking about canceling the products you got me hooked on and I enjoy!

I'm not a regular Target shopper. Yes, I know I should be ashamed of myself and there are alot of you out there that think I should be stoned out of town. I just don't shop there regularly.

Well I ran to Target the other night and decided to look there. And as soon as I turned down the laundry soap isle it was like a bright light shown upon it and angels started playing music. THERE IT WAS!!!!! Of course now it's $12.99 for the 48 load jug, I think I paid $6 something before with it being on sale and a coupon. I was happy to pay $12.99 for it, I would have paid $19.99 for it because I'm hooked and need it!

So now I have my fancy laundry soap for washing sheets and some of my clothes and I couldn't be happier. My Not So Mary Tyler Moore life is complete today.

I highly recommend this product. If Tide wanted me to be a spokesperson I could do it with ease! If you could be a spokesperson for a product what product would it be?

Today I'm a Tide Spokesperson

P.S..........I get no kick backs from any of the above companies. N0thing from Ad Sense or anyone else. Now if they are out there reading and want to send me a little somethin somethin I won't object. Here at the House of B's we don't object to payoffs or gifts. Whatever you want to call them.


Laurie Anne said...

I went through the same thing with blue snuggle (I think it was "fresh rain"). I finally had to give up. It is nowhere to be found. bummer :0)

labellamaison said...

Hi Timi-I enjoyed reading your blog and I noticed you are from right near me. I live here in Kenmore and moved here in October. I also love Annie's and was wondering about any other good places for antiques around here? I have previously lived in MN,FL, & AZ and haven't been able to find as good of a place here.

labellamaison said...

I enjoyed reading you blog! Glad y ou had a great time at the Farm Chicks. I heard about this show when I was living in Florida and when I moved here I just had to go! I also love Annie's...What other good places are there to shop here in this area.

labellamaison said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip to THe Farm CHicks Show. I see that you also love Annie's. Where do you like to shop around here? I have found it hard to find good shops.....

Timi said...

Hey there Iabellamasison contact me direct through e-mail and I'll let you know all my hot spots. Always happy to let a new comer to the area know what's happenin.