Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Monday
We got lots a Goin's on's here at the House of B's!

pictures for The Nesting Post are at the bottom of my post today

First off.........My condolences to the family and friends of the following people who lost loved ones this last week.

Amber and Family aka Shabee Chic.......We are all thinking of you and your family. Please take a look at her blog today, and say hi. She could probably use a little note from her blog buddies.

Tim Russert..........My heart goes out to him and his family. Not a personal friend but I listened to him everyday on the TODAY show. I'm a pretty simple gal, and honestly shoes, Paula Deen's latest recipe, what Oprah has on her show, and the placement of the vase of flowers on the table are usually about the extent of my thinking. Tim Russert helped me understand the historical politics going on right now. His reports made me take an interest in it.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do now that I don't have him to explain to me each day. Not sure I'll be able to keep up with what's happening in terms I can comprehend. With any luck Oprah or Paula Deen will pick up where he left off. This is a huge blow to my trying to be aware of something other then my own little world.

We were busy busy busy busy this weekend. The realization has set in that we only have 2 weeks befor embarking on our first ever week long Camping Extravaganza with WSU Laura & Family. I know over the last few months I have been thinking of things that we need to be sure to take with us. Well now I need to find the paper I wrote them all down on and start getting it together and in the Mobile Estate.
Soooooo this week WSU Laura and I will be working on getting organized for that. Please stay tuned because we will be asking for help. It's going to be fun and there will be prizes!

Also this week I HAVE to get some items listed on EBay. The House of B's is being over run with all these fabulous items I have been collecting. The Hubs says " This stuff needs to go!" So I have promised that I'll get busy finding it ALL new homes.
Stay tuned for items to be featured on my website first before they hit EBay. I will be offering items with free shipping through my blog and website. Some great Shabby Chic, Paris Apartment, and Retro Kitchen items.

Here is an observation I made ..............
On Friday I went to some garage sales in my area. Not far from my house. The furthest probably being 12 miles or so away. I didn't get started early, I probably left about 9 am (not early in finding the good stuff first garage sale rules) and arrived at my first sale about 9:15. There was NOBODY at these sales. I went to about 10 sales that I was the only there. The sellers also said it had been really slow. That I was probably the second or third person there. Even the sellers who started at 7:30 hadn't had much traffic. No antique dealers, no junkers for profit, no shopping addicts, none of the usual traffic. It wasn't until I got in to downtown Everett (large town near by) that I ran in to others doing garage sales. It was so odd. There are a lot of people who garage sale. They might not admit it but they do! You can usually run in to at least 1 or 2 car loads of people at a sale even in the country at the "off the beaten path" sales. Friday.............NOBODY!
I'm sure this is due to gas prices. Which is too bad. Garage sales are a great form of cheap entertainment. I know I didn't do my usual running all over gods green earth because of gas prices. I stayed pretty local. Will gas prices put an end to people doing garage sales? If nobody is coming to them why have them? What do you think?

Now for some other important business that needs to be taken care of..........

Monday Morning Meme

I've been tagged by Vintage Thirty with a book meme. This is soooooooooooooo exciting for me! Vintage Thirty is so very popular in Blogland and I'm thrilled I was chosen.

It's quite simple, which is good new for me because I can barley figure out how to check my e-mail. I'm not so computer savvy.

The rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

My daddy was sleeping with anyone in a skirt, so I figured I would fight back with sleeping with anyone in pants. Trouble was, I was too scared to actually go through with it. But that was the beauty of high school, you didn't have to actually do the dirty deed to get credit for it, you just had to act like ya did.

From The Sweet Potato Queen's 1st Big Ass Novel by Jill Conner Browne.
If you haven't read it, this is a good summer read. If you want to laugh every second, read her book God Save the Sweet Potato Queens. This is a book that had me laughing so hard on every page. It should be used as a teaching guide for single women, divorced women, or women who just need a little help managing the men in their lives.

My 5 People Tagged
WSU Laura
Tinkers Piggies
Scraps A Daisy
Delightful Donna
A Thing For Roses
Undomestic Diva
Martha Stewart.... Just for fun!

******UPDATE TO POSTING *******

Laurie Ann over at Tinkers Piggies had a very cool posting this morning. She was over at The Nesting Place, well long story short....... I got all caught up in The Nesting Place blog and had to participate. I LOVE IT!!!

I will be the first to admit, I sit and stress over things not "appearing" perfect. Especially in the house. I stress over it but being Princess Lazy Ass I don't really do much about it until we have guest over. Then it's a mad rush to do everything I should have been doing for a year. I have been asked several times to submit pictures of the interior of my house. I don't because I only have 2 rooms I like, the rest of the house is an old outdated eye sore. Well today.......... here is are some photos of the things that MAKE ME CRAZY!

The Master bath, that "I was gunna" remodel myself one day. I took off 3 layers of ugly wall paper, and decided I really didn't know what I was doing. It's looked this way going on 2 years.

This is our lovely sun room. This is one of the rooms I like the most. We use it everyday when the weather is nice. It's used for entertaining and everyone loves it that comes over. Most of the's used for storage. Today on one of the first nice days in MONTHS it's dirty, stinky of staleness, and houses muddy outside shoes, dead plants, cushions for the deck furniture and has bird feathers all over the floor where Franklin The Wonder Cat brought in a bird, killed it, and defeathered it.

I could post about 40 pictures of the 8 gardens on our property we let go and now don't know what to do with.

Check out The Nesting Place and submit your not so perfect life.

Have a great day!


Laurie Anne said...

Thanks for the tag Timi :0)
My favorite Tim Russert moment was while covering the 2000 election, completely rummy since it was close to 3am est, he calculated the electoral college figures on his little whiteboard and it came out "Tim + Jennifer Aniston= True love 4ever" :0)

The Nester said...

You were gonna finish the bathroom YOURSELF????

girl, you are brave!

Love the sunroom especially since it's not perfect! it' hard to be around perfect people and perfect things!

Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

I love that 3 season(is it a 3 season?) room!!! I'd love to have one but in Iowa it's be more like a half-season room. ;)

Timi said...

Yes, I have these moments where I think I can tackel ANY home improvement project all by myself. This usually comes from hours upon hours of sitting on my ass (Princess Lazy Ass) watching HGTV along with The Hubs (King Lazy Ass) not acting fast enough on my remodel request.
There are alot of unfinished projects around here. I'm far from "Magazine photo shoot" ready!

Laurie Anne said...

Love that little stained glass window. I'm trying to find one for our master bath. I completely understand how you feel. I live in McMansion land (our house is not)and I always feel a little embarassed that my house isn't "done". It is all I can do to keep the "public" areas clean let alone some fabulous decorating.

The Nester said...

Timi, I have searched all over the interwebs for that clip of Tim Russert with the Tim + Jennifer thing that laurie anne left in the first comment!

I vaugly remember something about it but it has kept me laughing all week!