Friday, July 18, 2008


I was clicking around reading blogs and as you know one thing leads to another and I ended up on Old Red Barn Co. SHE IS NUTS!!! She is having a quilt give away. It's the most beautiful quilt you have ever seen in your life. I think she's nuts to give it away. I would totally keep it for myself, display it proudly and let people admire it, ooh and awwww over it when they came to visit. Then proudly say "yeah, I made it!" Maybe statements like that is why my selfish self absorbed non creative self isn't the one creating and giving away quilts???? Well if I win...............I will jump for joy, tell the world about my beautiful new quilt , give the credit to who deserves it and THEN when the dust settles ............I'm totally going to start telling guests who admire it I made it! It's GORGEOUS!

She's nuts but let's all be helpful bloggers and see if we can't take it off her hands.
Good luck!

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