Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's A Thriftorama!

WOW! I have been busy!!! I have discovered so many fantastic finds over the last couple months that it was starting to get out of hand in the garage and extra bedrooms. In addition to this, over the past few weeks my parents have been cleaning too. They decided to remodel their entire house after 35 years. I'm so excited for them but at the same time they have been cleaning and unloading on me and my brother. Unfortunately I didn't get my mothers sentimental genetic make up. I hauled it all home and now need to find it new homes. So between my parents cleaning and my obsessive junking I am buried in stuff! The Hubs wants his garage back and I can't get to the ironing board in the extra bedroom.
Since getting home from Pacific Beach I have been working on liquidating some of my fantastic finds. This week I have been listing stuff on EBay but it hasn't even put a dent in my "need to sell" pile.
Sooooooooooooooo with the hopes of helping me get a little a head of my "need to sell" pile, in this posting I'm sharing with all my bloggin buddies the fantastic finds before they head to the antique dealers, EBay or Craigslist.

From my mothers............

Vintage goose dishes. I have two serving bowls, 1 dinner plate and 8 salad plates. These were in boxes of stuff from my first apartment that I had forgotten all about. I had the whole country thing goin on! It was so dang cute! $30

This is a complete set of Fitz and Floyd Betty Quacker. 15 pieces. Some of the pieces are rare. I had to special order them when I was collecting them back in the 80's. When I was collecting this stuff I was making $3.85 an hour ( part time) at JCPenny and lived in a $125 a month apartment. I couldn't afford to eat or pay my electric bill but DAMN my little kitchen was cute!

Included in the set is a cookie jar, cracker tray, scrubber pad holder, recipe holder, paper towel holder, covered butter dish, covered cheese dish, napkin holder, spoon rest, utensil holder, cookbook ends, and salt and peppers. I also have an extra cookie jar bottom and all the pieces to her broken little head. The book ends and salt and peppers are not in excellent mint condition. One of the bookends and one of the salt and pepper have been glued.
I'm not even sure where to start on the pricing for this. I saw the cookie jar 1 time on eBay and it went for $75. I have never seen any of the other pieces. If your interested or have any information on suggested value PLEASE contact me.

This is still the cutest little kitchen set. I just love it.

Now for some of my recent fantastic finds.......................

Vintage cookie jar. Could be California Pottery but I'm not that familiar with the markings. Excellent condition. Has a tiny tiny little chip in the corner of one of the cookies. This cookie jar is a light beige color. I have seen them several times in white or green but not this light beige.
Markings on the bottom of cookie jar. $35

Super cute! Size 10 Ralph Lauren pink and white polk a dot cotton capri, size 6 Lilly Pulitzer pink and green cotton capris and size 8 Ralph Lauren pink paisley cotton pants. Each $15 or buy all 3 pieces for $40 all 3 of these are in excellent like new condition.

OH MY GOD! This is in excellent condition. Vintage straw handbag, Bakelite handles, top closure, and accents. Not one piece of broken straw, cracked or discolored Bakelite. $40Inside is clean and in great condition. No tags or markings

Vintage Pyrex set. Excellent condition. Very little fading of color, no chips or cracks in any of the pieces including lids to refrigerator dishes. $30 Yellow and shades of green

Retro wall hangings. These are made of a plastic material. They look like they might be vintage Home Interior items. I thought they would be cute painted all one color. $20
They measure 21" long 7" wide

Super cute needle point pictures. $25 for both 8" x 11" from edge to edge of frame.

Victorian figures $25 for both

Small lamp with new pearl smocked shade. $30 Lamp base is 9"tall with shade 15" tall.

This is Franklin and his way of letting me know he's ready for some dinner! Sitting in front of the computer staring is always a good indicator.

This is in MINT condition. Size medium, measures 36" bust, in off white with browns, bronze, copper, and gold beading. There are no holes, snags, missing beads or missing buttons.
Back of sweater
Label on the inside of neck

Size 6 medium Justin women's cowboy boots. In excellent like new condition. There are barley any marks on the soles.
Size 7 1/2 Roper black ostrich boots. These are in excellent condition, little to no wear on the soles. There is one tiny little scuff on the right toe.
Tea and coffee set. It needs to be polished. I haven't gotten that far yet.

This is so fun! I'm sorry my pictures don't do it justice. It's a really pretty olive green with a dark egg plant almost black accents. The only markings on the back are USA 2019

This is just a few of the items. Like I said between my parents and my obsession I'm buried in fantastic finds!
Well I'm off to my parents again today to get more boxes. It will be fun to see what's in my surprise boxes.
This is the first time I have set up paypal as a link on the price. If you have any trouble or questions on items please e-mail me.
Shipping is included in the prices.
Have a great day!


Laurie Anne said...

I'm always so impressed with the folks with their act together enough to sell on ebay. I sold 1 item on ebay and it was awful. I could not leave my computer. I kept compulsively checking to see how many hits the auction got. And then there is the actually getting stuff to the post office, yikes. Maybe someday :0)

Donna said...

Omigod! The picture of Franklin is so freakin' funny! Maybe because I know him!