Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Monday

Here at The House of B's not much stays alive. The cat and dog have learned to bark and meow and be super annoying when they are hungry or need water.
We aren't the gardeners we thought we would be when we purchased a house with 8 HUGE flower gardens. Every once in a while something survives the weeds that have taken over and the lack of water. I, Princess Lazy Ass can't seem to remember to turn water on and I have NO DESIRE to go out and weed. Apparently The Hubs is too overwhelmed with the rest of his chores I have assigned to him that he can't get it done either. Sooooooo.......nothing lives except buttercups, various other weeds, and slugs.
This morning I went out and cut a few things that have survived the lack of attention. These Stargazer Lilies and some other small lilies smell WONDEEEEEEEEEERFUL! My house smells so good this morning. I'm not sure what the big purple flowers are or the small pinks but they do look lovely in this huge vase in my living room. They are so beautiful that it makes me start sneezing just looking at the photo. Since we live out where nobody just "stops" by I thought I would post pictures so you could admire them too.

The huge vase in the middle of the living room. It looks and smells gorgeous!

Some of the roses out of the rose garden have survived.

The rose garden is looking pretty pitiful. I'm not sure I'll get anymore flowers. Not to mention Charlie barked at the deer last night long enough they finally got annoyed with him and left. They don't' seem to be scared of much. I'm sure they came back for a late night snack in that garden. They ate all the leaves off my new Honey Crisp Apple tree. Guess it's going to be $2.69 a pound for me again this year. Well probably more like $3.69 a pound with the gas price increases and the increases on top of that because they (I don't know who they are but you get it) can blame it on something else and still get more out of us.

I'm off to make myself an allergy medication cocktail this morning so I can enjoy the flowers and do something perhaps productive, fabulous, or glamorous today like.....................clean the bathrooms.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Laurie Anne said...

I love star gazer lilies. They smell amazing. I love being able to go out cut some flowers. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have some dahlias. I too am unable to water anything. In fact, I just made a phone call to the sprinkler company. We have a system, but it is broken. Hopefully, we can get it fixed and I can salvage my hydrangeas :0)

sheila said... get flowers out of your yard...for free...without even trying...

I think I hate you :) You lucky person You...

I just about have to beg anything to grow here...

Lisa said...

Holy COW!!! you were right in my vicinity- you could have come over for cocktails, and a laugh or two. Please, for heavens sakes, when you all come back out to PB stop by!!!!! Ill sell you a cute little cottage-- ha ha..
out at the beach
coastal nest