Thursday, July 24, 2008


Where has the week gone? It's the end of July all ready? Where is my summer going?

The week has flown by and I haven't had a chance to do any postings. A lot of Fakebusy going on here so I really don't have anything exciting to write about. The summer is flying by! I was suppose to meet Friend D at her beach house last week and I didn't have time. This week I had the best of intentions and it didn't happen either. Now..........she's going back home! Friend D if your reading.......I'm so sorry! I feel like a schmuck that I didn't get to see you while you were here this summer.

I got a notice the other day for my 25th class reunion. HOLLY CRAP! Has it been that long? Why wouldn't I have thought about loosing some weight? What am I going to wear? This is the first time I will be attending a class reunion married which seems a bit weird to me. Now I'm asking the questions....Do I take The Hubs? Do I leave him at home? I don't have anything to hide and there isn't anyone I don't want him to meet so it's not that big a deal. Mostly I just don't want him to be bored to death. How does one handle this? I don't want him to think I don't' want him to go or that I'm hiding something. What to do what to do? So in the next couple weeks you will get to hear my ramblings and stresses of going to my class reunion. Won't that be fun!

This weekend we are taking off to Lake Wenatchee State Park to do a little camping. We have never been there before. We've heard it's beautiful. It's suppose to be hot! We are going with WSU Laura and family AKA...The it should be a great time! I'm super excited to go in to Leavenworth. It's a total tourist trap but I don't care it's a cute little place with some cute little shops. I'm all about the shopping while camping. Hell with nature! There are shops that need me to check them out. I was there last summer but it was so dang hot that you really couldn't walk around without dying. This weekend it's suppose to be super hot also but I don't care! I'm going in to town and I'm not taking any complainers with me this time. Hubs you know you are!

We are also taking Princess Spoiled Brat with us camping. She and Laura's kids play so well together. She was begging to go with so I caved and said yes. It will be interesting for The Hubs and I, the no kids people. A 6 year old, a dog that goes wild with kids around, lots of dirt and 90 degree weather in the mobile estate. Doesn't it sound like fun???? We are the NuckinFuts! It's Thursday, we leave tomorrow around noon and I have done NOTHING to get ready. Guess I better think about what needs to be done.

Next week almost as soon as we return from Lake Wenatchee we leave for my family reunion in Canyonville Oregon. It's always fun. A long drive but fun. If you have never been there it's an interesting stop along I-5. There is a state park there for camping but the Seven Feathers Casino has opened a beautiful RV park. I dream of staying here one day!
This is the only time I see some of my relatives so it's fun to catch up with them and sit at the slot machines and visit. I come from a long line of gamblers which is why we hold our reunion at a casino. The Hubs has a brother who lives down there too, so he will be trying to see him while we are there. The Hubs is originally from Grants Pass so it's always fun for him to stop in and see a few of his old high school buddies too. We try to go down a day or two early so he can do a little visiting before my family starts showing up and hogging all his time. It's hard to squeeze in seeing everyone when you only have a few days. We manage to do it.

Well I guess I better get my Princess Lazy Ass out to the mobile estate and start getting it ready to go. Once Princess Spoiled Brat gets here I won't get a thing done!
Have a wonderful weekend! I swear I'll have something more exciting next week for you


WSU Laura said...

Don't forget lots of swimming at the lake this weekend. Love Mrs. Fustercluck ; -)

A Thing for Roses said...

Hey Stinker!

Thanks for my birthday giftie! You are so very adorable. I have my 25th reunion this summer too. Not sure I'm going, but if I do, hubby is staying home this time. He went to the 20th and was bored silly. Have a great time camping chicky poo! We need to try to get together sometime maybe this fall to do some shopping and laughing. I'm thinking Centrailia? They have some neat shops, kinda in between. Sorry for the long comment. I guess I should have just emailed you, but I wanted you to know that I do read your blog. ha ha