Monday, July 28, 2008

We Aint F*&&^% Comin Back Here Again
Camping Trip!
As you will soon find out this is a completely different trip than you previously read about on The 2008 Camping Extravaganza we had at the beginning of the month at Pacific Beach.

This last weekend The Hubs and I (aka…The Nuckinfuts) loaded up the mobile estate, got Princess Spoiled Brat and headed over to Lake Wenatchee State Park with WSU Laura and Family(aka…The Fusterclucks). We also met Mother M and The Gotthiershittogethers who are friends of the Fusterclucks. The Gotthiershittogethers are the nicest family you will ever meet and are apparently in direct competition with the Flusterclucks as who can own and display the most WSU items while camping. Why I don’t have pictures of this, I don’t know. You probably would have just thought I photo-shopped the pictures anyway if you saw them. It’s UNBELIEVABLE the loyalty and enthusiasm these people have for their alma mater Washington State University, home of the Cougars.

We were scheduled to leave at noon on Friday. In true Nuckinfuts fashion we were unorganized, not prepared and f------ing nuts for even going on this trip with just coming off 10 days of camping and another 4 days scheduled as soon as we got back from Lake Wenatchee. We were just scared that we might miss out on a good time with the Fusterclucks and The Gotthiershittogethers. Not to mention we made these reservations in February, they were already paid for and we waited too long to cancel. So we were going!

Princess Spoiled Brat showed up on time. We weren’t ready and I listened to the next hour and a half of “when are we leaving?”, “How much longer?” MY MISTAKE NOT BEING READY! So we hurried up, started throwing stuff in, locking up, making sure Franklin was fed and watered and out the door and up the road we went. Whatever we forgot we would live without!

Princess Spoiled Brat and Charlie ready to go!

So on the HWY we were! Charlie going nuts bouncing from window to window, front to back jumping all over who ever got in his way of a window. The Hubs white knuckled and ooooh…..about 3 miles out of the driveway it started……”how long until we get there?”, “How many kids are going to be there?”... “What time will we get there?”... “Will I have time to ride my bike?” “How much more do we have to drive?” This is how it went the rest of the way. Almost 2 hours
We finally get there, Princess Spoiled Brat and Charlie are going crazy. As soon as The Hubs and I pull in to the park we both look at each other and at the same time said “Oh shit!” It’s dirt, dust and more dirt and dust. As far as you can see. Now why we didn’t think of this I have no idea. We know what Eastern Washington is like this time of year. There was NO GRASS as far as the eye could see. DIRT EVERYWHERE. I, Princess Lazy Ass will be the first to admit I hate getting dirty and I hate things being dirty and I don’t keep it a secret. Dust and cobwebs I can over look. Dirt I can’t take! This is my worst nightmare come true. The Hubs is totally annoyed, he just spent days cleaning the mobile estate. Washing, waxing, getting it all spiffy. The inside still smells new!
We make our way through the park to our reserved spot, talking ourselves out of just leaving. It’s going to be fine! We can do this. Princess Spoiled Brat has been looking forward to this for 2 weeks. We can’t leave now. We find our spot. Great ! it’s right across from The Fusterclucks and The Gottheirshittogethers. This is going to be ok.
Oh wait…….The space is at a weird angle, how is the already white knuckled Hubs going to get that 27’ ft (30’ft total) mobile estate in that space????? Why would they put a trailer spot at such a weird angle? Stupid!
Well with many cars and trucks moving out of the way and Mr. Fustercluck helping The Hubs, LIKE A PRO The Hubs got it wedged in that stupidly laid out space and it was perfectly lined up in the space. As Mr. Fustercluck was helping The Hubs get things set up, he says to The Hubs “hey what side is your hook-ups on?” The Hubs “on the right, why?” Mr. Flustercluck “Dude, you don’t have any hook-ups, your in a tent spot!” The Hubs “what the f*$#@!, what do you mean we are in a tent spot?” “We made reservations for full hook ups!” The next thing I hear is my name being screamed through the park. I go running over there (WSU Laura and I were bitching together about the dirt and who the hell thought this was a good idea) to find out that yes, I, me Princess Lazy Ass didn’t read the park map correctly on line and made reservations for us on a no hook up tent site. CRAP! It’s a full weekend there is no place for us to move, not to mention The Hubs is in that space and he’s staying after the huge effort of getting in to it. Well it’s dry camping for us. Oh wait……….we don’t have any water in our tanks because we WERE SUPPOSE TO HAVE HOOK UPS! Well lucky us we are right by the fresh water faucet, we will just run our hose from there to our tanks, fill up and it will all be fine. Here is the next thing you heard through out the camp ground………”where is my f*@#ing hose!” “I can’t find my f@*#ing hose!” “The f@#*%ing hose is in the garage!” By now the entire camp ground knows what has happened in space #123. The Nuckinfuts can’t read a reservations map on line, are now dry camping in the dirt, and don’t have a hose to put any water in the mobile estate. Mr. Fustercluck to the rescue! He had an extra hose along with the hose from their trailer to make one long enough to reach water to tank. YEAH! It’s going to be fine right?
Here is the next conversation:

The Hubs… This is in a dirt hole! There is dirt everywhere. The door opens up in to a dirt pile

Me…I know but I don’t know what to do. It’s going to be dirty and look at my feet already. I only walked across the road to their camp and I’m filthy. I can't take it, you know how much I hate my feet being dirty!

The Hubs…. We didn’t spend $$$$$ on this damn trailer to dry camp! Didn’t you read the map and how the park was laid out?

Me…I thought I did, I’m sorry. It will be fine. We will use paper plates, I won’t cook very much, we will only shower if we have to. We can use the public bathrooms, it’s won’t be so bad.

The Hubs………….We have a hyper dog, and a 6 year old with us this time. Are you f***ing nuts?

Me……..Oh yeah, I forgot about them.

The Hubs…….Get me a beer!

By the way……….I’m pretty sure Mrs. Flustercluck had almost the same conversation with Mr. Flustercluck who was the one that made the reservations in the first place for them. Although they had hook ups she still had 3 little boys with her in the middle of a dirt pile. She also has a low tolerance for dirt. Mrs. Gotthiershittogether was way to nice to sit and complain with us. She should have been given an award or something. It was at this point that we all decided that we would just drink the rest of the weekend until we didn’t care if we kids, dogs or the trailers were dirty!

The Hubs getting over his annoyance with dirt and me bitching about it.

If it wasn’t for the company of people this weekend we would have just left. We ended up having an awesome time and can’t wait to go camping with this group again in a non-dirty campground.
Here are some pictures from this weekend

This is the mat out our estate door. In to the dirt. You see.......dirt as far as the eye can see! Every morning after The Hubs would take Charlie out at day break he would come get in bed and say "We are never F***&ing camping here again!" Every night before bed after I had tried with little success to get some of the dirt off Princess Spoiled Brat, myself and Charlie I would fall in to bed and say to The Hubs "We are never F*$#ing camping here again!"

This was the guys explaining to us how they hear their wives talking when we ask them to do something. The Hubs in his deepest demon voice saying "Idiot, get me some wine, before I kill you" "Cook my burger correctly or I will rip your head off and shit down your neck!" We were laughing so hard I thought I was going to throw up. Then all the guys started in. I wish I knew how to record them and post it for you to hear. It was hysterical.

Mr. Nuckinfuts (The Hubs) ordering me to get him 2 beers or he will stab me with his Mickey Mouse saber sored.
Do you see the dirt and beer bottles? I'm wasn't lying
This is a little friend that came with Flustercluck Child #1. He was so funny. He wanted to wear this outfit at night around the campfire and tell scary stories. The other kids wanted nothing to do with it so he did it during the day. He was telling all the kids stories but we thought he looked more like he was in a job interview. The Werwolf Mariners Fan applying for a sales position. Trust me this kid could have gotten whatever sales position he wanted! He was a little schmoozer.

This is Gottheirshittogether child #2 helping Princess Spoiled Brat in the water. Notice the one who is scared dosen't have a life jacket, the brave one does. This is kind of a theme with The Nuckinfuts. We are not the responsible prepared for kid safety adults we hoped to be.

Princess Spoiled Brat loves the animals. She had the best time with the dogs in the water.
Charlie wasn't the Retriever Princess Spoiled Brat had hoped for. He's a Terrier, he sank to the bottom when he fell in the lake off a rock. He had to be rescued. Next time we will have to get him a little doggy life jacket.
She found other dogs to throw buoys for. The kid and the two dogs could have done this all day!

This is Fustercluck Child #1 and his little buddy. I'm sure this was right before they got in trouble for something. I know your all thinking.......There was grass, it's not all dirt. WRONG! This was grass in mud! It was the only grass we could find. So what did we do............We sat and watched the kids and dogs and...................DRANK!
These 3 were so cute. The Gottheirshittogether girls were totally prepared for lake dirt camping. Princess Spoiled Brat and her court were not! These girls shared and helped all weekend. They were a god send. I also loved how they had never met before and with in 2 seconds they were the best of friends.

Mr. Nuckinfuts feeling a bit better about life. Notice the lawn chair, beer and relaxed look on his face.

Princess Spoiled Brat on her bike with her new helmet! Of course The Nuckinfuts didn't bring a helmet for her. The Gottheirshittogethers girls had an extra they let her wear and then keep.
Everyone needs friends like the Gotthiershittogethers when you can't get your shit together!

Mr. Fustercluck is a huge fan of homemade jam and hot biscuits. So on Sunday morning I brought him a pan of hot biscuits and raspberry jam. It's the least I could do after he prevented a double homicide between The Hubs and I right in the middle of that State Park on day 1.

Another nutritional meal prepared by Mrs. Nuckinfuts. Yogurt, Cinnamon rolls, bananas, coffee, and cranberry juice.

This is the kid crew. They had the best time! You could have planted gardens between their toes with all the dirt, they were covered with mosquito bites, tired, hopped up on sugar and crying wanting to stay longer. Oh to be a kid again! This really is the best part of camping

Another successful camping trip. You can't tell from this picture very well but Charlie who is normally white with black and brown spots is dark gray. He is so dirty you can't tell what color he is. Princess Spoiled Brat has a dirty face, dirty feet, and dirty fingernails. I'm taking her home to her Grammy in all her dirt ball glory so Grammy can see how much fun she had.
NOTE**** Neither child or dog complained of neck pain when they woke up

So as I sit amongst a huge pile of really dirty laundry, a dirty dog (who is going to the groomer today to get a bath because I can't get him clean) drinking some tea, itching the 14 misquito bites on the back of my legs and butt (no matter how much OFF you put on the little bastards can still fly up your skort and find some place to bite you) and not wanting to go out and start cleaning the mobile estate it occurs to me that we really did have a great time. The Nuckinfuts won't be doing any dirt camping again but the best part of camping is the people you go with , watching the kids have a good time, laughing so hard your belly and face hurt, and great grub. I really do love our new mobile estate. Even after all of this I'm as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve to leave again this week and head to Oregon for the weekend and be in this same situation next Monday morning. I LOVE IT!
****NOTE**** Although The Nuckinfuts don't follow or stay current on kid saftey regulations and we are not the responsible adults we had hoped when it comes to kids, we do try not to cuss like sailor or truck drivers in front of them.


A Thing for Roses said...

What a fun time you had, despite the dirt. I'm with you though and hate dirty camping. I found that unless you've been to a campground it's pretty much a crapshoot whether you will get grass or dirt. Where in Oregon are you camping next?

Your BFF,


Lisa said...

Well well well, It looks like I might see you at the beach, sooner than later!! Is there such a hatred for sand???? I think not..
Its suppose to be beautiful this weekend out here at the beach!!!
coastal nest