Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Midweek Meme
A little something to break up the midweek "what to write about" dilemma.

4 Things you should know about me before you invite me to your house.

1. I’m a picky eater! I don’t like the ends of anything in my food. No pickle ends, no tomato ends, no banana ends, no ends of anything. I also call anything that looks weird in my food “guts” and I usually have a “gut” pile on the side of my plate by the end of my meal. If a family member or The Hubs is with me they all know that the gut pile is up for grabs and will eat whatever is there. If they aren’t present please feel free to reach across and help yourself. I will have an especially large gut pile if we are having some sort of meat. That usually generates a larger then normal gut pile. I have had $100 a plate food that generated a gut pile in the finest restaurants. Don't be offended, it’s not your cooking. It's my weirdness

2. I’m not easily offended. I will however be offended by rudeness. If you invited me please be a hostess. I’m not there to visit with your kids, listen to you yell at your kids, listen to you talk on the phone or watch you text your other friends. That says to me you have more important things to do and visiting with me wasn’t at the top of your list. Why did you invite me?

3. No subject is off limits to me. I’m happy to talk about anything. Sex, menopause, your fabulous life, why Days of Our lives is stupid (I still watch it), latest reality TV viewing, politics, religion, or about your favorite new household cleaning product. I'll even listen polity as you talk about nothing but your kids. I having NO kids and have a hard time relating but I'll gladly listen. I don’t care what we talk about. Just keep in mind………I’m not the brightest crayon in the box so if you are looking for intelligent in depth conversation I’m probably not your girl.

4. I’m self absorbed. If I don’t ask you a lot of questions it’s not because I don’t like you or don’t want to know about you or what you have been up to. It’s because I’m thinking about what I’m going to tell you about myself. I’ll think of things I wish I would have asked you on my ride home. You most likely will get a phone call or e-mail from me later apologizing for being self absorbed and giving you a list of questions I wish I would have asked you.

Rules……..tag 4 people (or as many as you want) you have never tagged before or your favorite 4. Have fun!

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Daniella said...

Hello Timi and Charlie,
Thanks for visiting our blog. I admit I am shocked beyond belief that Charlie fell into the lake and sunk like a rock! What kind of a wire fox are you?? We are a breed known for our prowess in the water! Take some lessons. LOL. I would have sent you the life jacket I found a buyer already, sorry - proceeds going to Fox Terrier Network's rescue fund. If you are not aware of FTN - go to and do join - it's cheap plus you get a quarterly newsletter (paper) and meet other wonderful wire owners and bloggers. Great to know you, loved reading about the camping trip and the family names made me laugh!
Daniella and Axel

The Nester said...


Girl, you know so many people! I can just tell that you are the life of the party--your personality comes out on your blog design!

Thanks for the shout out--I'm the world's WORST at following thru with this!!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Thanks for the tag! I shall tackle it this weekend!

A Thing for Roses said...


I loved your list. You could be me talking. Now I have to come up with four other things. Umm, let me see. I'll get back to you that one.


Tiffany said...


thanks for the Meme Timi. I did mine today.

I'm pretty sure now, that nobody is ever going to invite me over again.

Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut huh? :)

sheila said...

okay, I'm just sitting here grinning over your meme responses...and the title...the title is pretty funny too...

did you stop to think maybeyou got invited over so you could yell at the kids? could be fun...and it could be practice...or just plain fun...

Lord help...No Sex Talk...[putting my fingers in my ears and going lalalalalalalala] friends find this very strange...and amusing because they deliberately try to freak me out by TMI'ing me whenever possible...when I'm least expecting it...'ll take me a while to get the MEME on my blog because I'm about to have house company and while she is a Nice Sort, I'm gonna try not to totally ignore her while I do my normal loaf around the place thing...

g said...

Hah! you are brutally honest on yourself (and I say that having just visited your blog for the first time) Especially that last one. That could be me! Yikes!