Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Since I didn't get a party last night when my Feedjit counter reached 4000 I decided to treat myself to a little somethin somethin this morning while I was doing THE WINNER posting.
A cup of tea from Seattle TeaCup. Flavor La Belle Helene A bagel from Panera Bakery Flavor French Toast Slathered with Brummel and Brown. Not healthy but at The Houses of B's we usually worry about health when we can't get our pants buttoned, or we have stuffed ourselves silly with something really nummy. We aren't as health conscious as we should be.

Now for the drawing!

Isebel at Masion Douce is the winner of the Chocolate-Tini glass by Lolita

Congratulations Isebel! E-mail me with your address and I'll get it sent out to you.

Thank you everyone who participated. It was fun! Watch for more Give Aways and Contests from me. I love to do them!

As I was getting ready for the drawing this morning I thought. These are a couple things I can't live without and I'm going to share them with my bloggin buddies this morning.

This is one of my many Forlife tea making products. I own the cups and a teapot. I love them both. I have other tea cups that have the infuser in them but they just don't work as well as this one does. I love that I can put my loose leaf tea in, let it steep, and just lift it out when it's ready. The holes in the infuser aren't too big so the tea doesn't fall out in to the bottom of my cup. You also don't have metal so you won't burn your fingers when trying to remove the infuser. It also makes it super easy to use again for a second cup.

A couple years ago after watching Dr. Oz I gave up using margarine and went to strictly butter when needing to use a butter of some sort when cooking. I couldn't' give up the Brummel and Brown however. I love this stuff on breads. I don't use it for anything else other then slathering on breads when it's needed .

Well that's it for today. I need to get busy!

Have a wonderful day


Brett said...

Great to hear you dig good loose leaf tea! Kudos!

Donna said...

Hey....that name doesn't say 'Donna W'....what's that all about?

WSU Laura said...

I want my bribe back. . . just saying. ;- )Congratulations Isebel!

Barn House said...

OMG...YOU LET ISABEL WIN...NO WAY!!!! If we didn't like her so much, we would demand a recount!! lol Can't wait for you to come down or us to make it up your way so we can meet in person. Soon, yes, very soon!

J & J