Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In The News
What a horrible horrible tragedy that happen yesterday in my home town of Bow in Skagit County. I have been glued to the TV since last night at 5 pm. This tragedy has now made the national news this morning.

A mentally ill man went on a random shooting rampage not more then 5 miles from my parents house. I have called my family and they are all accounted for but I'm still waiting for names to be released of friends that live in that area. What a tragic senseless act of violence.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of all those killed yesterday. A woman Sheriffs Deputy was also killed. This makes me just cry. I didn't know her but hits close to home with close friends and family members being in that line of work. Makes you stop and remember how much danger those folks are in everyday. What they have to deal with on a daily basis to try and keep you and I safe.

The mother of the shooter........That poor poor woman, I just want to give her a hug and tell her it's not her fault. How does a mother cope with that?

One of my question today..............what about the mentally ill in our country? It seems more and more stories like this occur everyday. When will someone stand up and say "HEY WHAT ABOUT THE MENTALLY ILL?" I see the streets with more and more homeless and obviously mentally ill roaming around. If you think this problem is only in the city.............Your wrong! I saw a woman in my local suburbia Target one morning taking what looked like a bath in the sink in the women's restroom. Yesterday I saw a mentally ill man with his loaded shopping cart sitting at a table at Starbucks that is located in the fancy over priced grocery store where I was in there dodging moms and kids. It's a huge problem in this country and I think it goes unaddressed.

I'm not saying round them all up and put them in an institution. I'm saying there needs to be a safe place that is easy for them to go to. When I say easy I mean NO RED TAPE. I had a brief career in working with the disabled and mentally ill. I say brief because it was nerve racking that these people had to jump through hoops and "learn" a system to get help. If your disabled or mentally ill is this going to really be possible? NO, not unless you have an advocate that wants to work full time trying to get you help.

So in this Presidential Election year and listening to candidates and the media.............I DON'T CARE if your (this is a whole other blog entry) daughter is pregnant! I don't care if your black enough! I don't care if your 72 years old! What I want to know is........What are you going to do to make the quality of life for each and every American Citizen better?????

Ok, I'm done with my doom and gloom this morning.

If your out and about today and see an officer of the law, a fireman, ambulance driver or a member of our US Military please walk up them and say THANK YOU! It's the least you can do for these men and woman who try to give us some sort of peace of mind and quality of life we all enjoy.

Now I think I'll have a Diet Coke and go shopping!


lisagh said...

What a horrible shame!

But I think your DC and shopping remedy sounds perfect!

AGSoccerMom said...

Wow hadn't heard this yet. Glad to hear yours are ok.

Laurie Anne said...

You are so right. Enough is enough. We need someone who is willing to take care those who need, not who writes the biggest check. Unfortunately, that seems to apply to both "sides" these days.