Monday, September 22, 2008

Our little Scholar

Not only does The Hubs work all day at a kind of stressful job, he has also been going to night school since I met him. This weekend (at age 42) he graduated with his Bachelors of Science in Professional Aeronautics. Despite my lack of support, enabling him with procrastination of studies, and driving him around camp grounds looking for Internet connection so he could submit papers, he managed to still graduate Cum Luade with a 3.6Look how nice he looks. All dressed up.

His Flip Wilson impression of , Here come da judge, here come da judge!

The ceremony was held at the Seattle Museum of Flight. What a great venue! The guest speaker was the amazing Dr. Bonnie Dunbar. I know you're like "who the hell is that?" I said the same thing. Then I read in the program that she was in charge of the Museum of Flight. Oh, OK, what ever.

This woman's story was so interesting that it made you want to talk with her more. I was so interested in her and all the accomplishments as a woman she had achieved that I had to come home and look her up on line. She really was a ground breaker for other women in her field. Being Princess Lazy Ass I always find these kind of women fascinating. Apparently they don't blog, shop, or watch reality TV.

So in the middle of taking pictures of The Hubs on his special day my camera went TU (Tits Up for you non farm raised folks) just as I started snapping pictures. So on top of my usual crappy photos I share with you, now they are double crap! I feel so bad for The Hubs. I got one decent picture to send to his mother.

Inside the museum.

It really was a cool place. Sorry my pictures don't show that. If you are ever in the Seattle area make this a stop. I'm TOTALLY NOT interested in planes (yes, I should be because my husband lives and breathes it everyday) but it really is interesting and I totally enjoyed it. Side note*****The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in Oregon that houses the Spruce Goose is fantastic too. Ladies watch the movie The Aviator before you go to this museum. You will appreciate the museum a 100 times more then you would if you don't see the movie.
Princess Lazy Ass, Charlie and Franklin are so proud of him! In honor of him being the graduate this weekend I 'm going to let him have control of the remote this morning without questioning his choices for our viewing pleasure.

Another horrible picture..........The Hubs waiting to receive his diploma. Being a "B", he was first to receive his diploma. While waiting for everyone else I was doing a little looking around and watching what they were putting out for the reception afterwards..............................DING DING!! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!

Chocolate Cake!

The night just got better!

Carrot Cake also but I'm not fond of carrots in this form. The Hubs and my mom were all over it like white on rice. Apparently it was really good.Congratulation Hubs! I'm so proud of you

I love you!

P.S. While I'm writing this post The Hubs has chosen to watch The Jetsons for his post graduate viewing pleasure with his big 'ol Tupperware bowl of Cheerios. They never do really grow up do they?


A Thing for Roses said...

Hi Timi!

Congratulations to your Hubs! That is quite an accomplishment. Love the Jetsons/Cheetos combo. (I love Cheetos too!)


WSU Laura said...

Congratulations Mr. Nuckingfuts! I heard about your oh-so-wonderful graduation present too. Looking forward to this coming weekend "dry" camping with the Diva herself. And if it's any consulation, I watched Gem all through college, so I can relate to the Jetsons. ; -) Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mr. B! And to you for the putting up with the homework Mr. H will attest it can be a PAIN to put up with. With any luck I will walk in June!

Laurie Anne said...

Congrats to the Hubs!!
I don't get carrot cake either :0)