Friday, September 12, 2008

Why You Shouldn't Shop
On Line While Procrastinating

The other day while thinking about getting started f0r the day on Mission Get it Gone or Get it Organized I decided to do a little surfing on line.
As I was sitting there thinking about what to look for, I thought "oh my father -in- law needs to have something sent to him for his 82nd birthday, I better come up with something!" Hot Damn! Let's shop!

So I started looking for something fun to send him. After searching, BBQ shipped, Lobster shipped, Cookies shipped, cakes shipped, and seafood there was just nothing screaming at me. I had already sent them the Edible Arrangement and it was a huge hit. I couldn't do that again. Then I remembered a few years ago while I was still single and loafing on the couch one Sunday afternoon watching The Food Network (when it had just come on) there was a show called Food Finds . It had an episode about this place in Wisconsin that made Portabella Mushroom Salsa. Being board on that Sunday afternoon I immediately got up and ordered some. It was fantastic! I had forgotten about it until now. So I found the website and ordered a gift pack to be sent to Florida. I know it's a little weird but different right? When your 82 is there anything you can be surprised with? When I told The Hubs what I had ordered he said "WTF?" So I got back on line and ordered him the same thing I sent his Dad.

Here it is! River Valley Portabella Mushroom Salsa, Pickled Mushrooms, and Portabella Pasta Sauce . The Hubs was pleasantly surprised. This salsa is really good. He ate about half the jar with some chips after we opened it. It's very good on eggs. The pickled mushrooms are really good too. I could eat the whole jar in one setting. I haven't tried the pasta /dipping sauce yet but I bet it's going to be wonderful too.
After ordering salsa, I remembered that I once saw a pair of Dansko shoes in leopard print that I really thought I couldn't live with out. I knew they weren't made anymore but I would try to find them. In this day and age of on line........YOU CAN FIND ANYTHING!
Well I found some like the ones I originally want so I ordered them

Sanita Clogs from The European Walking Store. I found they had the best price on these. These are going to look fabulous with jeans when the weather gets colder. I'm so excited!

Next up ...........looking for a comforter, duvet cover, or bedspread for my bed. Yeah you heard it right..........bedspread! Here is my dilemma.......I purchased a beautiful Tommy Hilfiger duvet cover , shams, skirt, and throw pillows for my bedroom a couple years ago. It's been folded up on the chair for 2 years! Why? It's beautiful and I don't want the animals on it. So I keep the shams in the extra bedroom, the duvet cover folded on the chair. If I want to spiff up my room I just lay the duvet cover over the duvet we use daily. This event of putting the nice duvet on the bed with the shams and throw pillows has happened about 2 times in the last 2 years. Soooooooooo I have decided to get rid of that set and get something that looks nice that we can use daily.

This is where my very over prices Tommy Hilfiger duvet cover lives. On the chair in the bedroom.

So this is what I ordered from The Country Door. I ordered white. I figured if it is everything I dreamed it will be then I'll be able to wash and bleach it as needed. We will see. I'm still waiting for it to get here. The Country Door has some cute things however so far I'm not impressed with their shipping. I wasn't very happy about the fact that I got charged a "Shipping and Handling " charge. If your going to charge me more for shipping and handling then it should get here quicker then a week and half.

Isn't the Internet wonderful! Not only can a girl get whatever she wants............She can waste a lot of time!


sheila from life @ #17 said...

love those clogs...but those types of clogs just kind of make me tump over for some strange reason...

I'll drown my unhappiness with Mexican take-out...

you've got an award waiting on my blog...

Wanda said...

Oooo! I really like the bedspread! That's purty!

Like leopard print, do ya? Never would have guessed. *g* Those shoes really are cute.

Lateda said...

LOVE the bed set:) And the mushroom salsa.. hmm.. do they have chocolate flavored salsa instead:)
The clogs.. friggen cute! I think THOSE would be GREAT, out to lunch with me:) 2 short weeks and I will be having some FREEDOM!!(imagine this being screamed like in Braveheart:)
Much Love!

Laurie Anne said...

Love the bedspread. I also have a chennile bedspread. It is folded up in my closet. It was so heavy, but maybe now that the weather is turning I bring it back out. :0)