Sunday, September 14, 2008

Decorating Dilemma #1
The Master Bedroom

As you know here at The House of B's we have been on Mission Get it Gone or Get it Organized for the last month. Now that we have some of the clutter out, it makes it easier to step back and see what needs to be done to make these rooms FABULOUS! I'm having a hard time coming up with some idea. I have Decorators block. I've been looking at magazines, books, and looking on line and so far nothing has jumped out at me.

Here is what I started with. This is our master bedroom.

This is our bed that faces the French doors. The bed is on the largest wall in the room. It's not a large master, a 1970's size. The walls are white, the carpet is white, the duvet is white and the curtains are white. The Hubs says it's like going to bed in an insane asylum. Apparently he hasn't figured out that's exactly where he at. I'm not going to tell him!

Wall with the French Doors and closet. I have a small black table in the corner with picture frames and some little thingies that need dusting all the time. See the dog on the bed? This is why I have everything white. Bleach and white are friends! Having white is easier then a color if it's washable. It can be thrown in the washer with a little bleach and look as good as new when it comes out.

This is the wall as you walk in to the bedroom. Old dresser, and that's it. Door to bathroom and closet on either side of it. Boring! It's all boring and I need some color in my life.

I started out with moving the furniture around to see if I could get inspired. I took off the blue dust ruffle and started over.

I put the bed in front of the window. The window isn't in the middle of the wall so it's not centered and looks a bit odd. I really like it here. It makes the room much bigger. There has to be a way I can make it look centered with fabric??? Drapes, curtains or something and not give up the sunlight.

Any suggestions?

Black wrought iron bed, black night stands, and silver and glass lamps. Still boring! I think it has potential

These are my walls now. I got rid of the little dresser. The room looks huge now.

This is the wall where the bed was before. Now it's just huge and white and bare. The whole room looks bigger and whiter.

French Door wall. The windows in the doors need some help too. I put the tall dresser in the corner with the TV. I like it much better in this spot, but now the TV is too small to see from bed. We have to know what we want to watch when we get to bed because neither if us can read the program guide because of the distance.My bedspread finally came!

I think I'm going to like it. I know , I know it's white. It's cotton chenille, washable and best of all bleachable. I like how the ruffle hangs all the way down. It's going to hide a lot of sins. I don't think I'll need a dust ruffle. I'm kind of diggin it. I was afraid it would be too old lady. You know I have a fear of that after putting left overs in my purse for the dog at dinner.

I also got 2 pillow shams with the spread. It's going to need some color for sure.

I'm open for suggestions! Colors, decorating ideas, wall ideas, I'm open!

So now I would like to show off a bit. The Hubs and I normally have a closet that looks like it vomited all over it's self all the time. Clothes everywhere and shoes on the floor. The Hubs keeps his clothes pretty neat (Navy training I guess) but me.........I'm pretty much a clothes hog, shoe hog, handbag hog, whatever, I like it all. So after a while it gets a little full and........I don't put stuff away like I should. Also when we moved in I had too many clothes for my new closet that I had to now share. I had stuff that was, well let's just say it didn't fit quit right. I had been holding on to it because I loved it. Then this last month while cleaning I just decided.................if I can get back in to this size I'm going and buying new! I don't want to wear all this old stuff! So out it went!

My clothes all hung up, folded and organized.
The Hubs was tasked also with going through his clothes. After he stopped wearing uniforms (Retired Navy 21 years of service) I introduced him to Faconnable, Tommy Bahama, and Ralph Lauren. He has now turned in to a bit of clothes hog and label whore.
Yes, that my friends is the floor! Cleaned, walkable, and Franklin finally can get to his bed again.
That's it for bragging. We will see how long I can keep it this way. My thought is if there is less stuff it's easier to keep up with and if my bedroom is beautiful and decorated I'll want to make sure it's tidy all the time.

Please please please help me out of my decorating mental block! I don't know what to do with this room. This is just one of many rooms I don't know what to do with. Stay tuned, if you can't think of something for this one, you might have a fabulous idea for the next.


AGSoccerMom said...

You can just add a few black accents and bring in a Parisian feel. A couple black throw pillows. A white with black embellished curtains, some black and white art on walls. You can also you these colors for the 50's era. Can't wait to see what you do.

sheila from life @ #17 said...

1) congrats on getting your closet all spiffed looks swell...and I'm sure Franklin is a Happy Camper...

2) love the looks comfortable & nuturing :)

3) if you can squidge the bed over some (I'd try just jamming that bedside table right up against the wall), easy solution to centering the bed...then you move the other table right up against the it looks like a Design Decision rather than a Design-What-The-Hell-Else-To-Do...

the corner with all the space next to the window at the head of the bed...needs something tall...if you have some old chippy shutters to make a screen from for that corner it'd be inexpensive and give you the balance you need for the other side of the room being weighted with the furniture/curtains/window...

if shutters aren't your thing, then a chevalier mirror? or a wingback chair slipcovered in white, with a wall reading lamp and small iron table?

or a big ol' palm since I see you are a lucky one who can have plants indoors...I'm jealous...

anyhoo, you'll get there...inspiration will strike one of these've made a good start :)

...t.v. problem...

hmmm...I guess ya'll are just going to have to get a big ol' flat panel to hang up dangling from the ceiling at the foot of the bed :)

lisagh said...

Love love love the chenille. Very classic!