Thursday, October 30, 2008

HEY! Look What's Been Happenin
Remember my ugly downstairs room that I've been bitchin about for months? My new bloggin buddies have only heard the bitchin for months. If your a long time friend you know I have been bitchin about it for almost 3 years.
Beautiful cedar paneling. With the damn crawl space for under the house right in the middle of it. What the hell? Who puts a damn crawl space in the middle of the family room?
Ugly ass stairs
Notice the furniture is all moved to the middle? No pictures on the walls. Well I only had 3 pictures anyway so you probably wouldn't have noticed them anyway. Now there is NOTHING!
Take special note of that door that leads to the laundry room and garage. Currently faux brown wood. Circa 1970's
Well Wednesday morning bright and early .....and when I say early I mean
E A R L Y. It was still dark out. Brian and Jordan from Quick Silver Construction showed up to start the Extreme Home Make Over. 2 days of construction is what Brian told me it would take to transform this ugliness in to FABULOUSNESS.
Brian tearing out yet another electrical mess that could have started a fire in the walls. It's a long story that I won't get in to but, let's just say I'm pretty sure this house was wired before drug tests were implemented in the work place.
Cute little Jordon who is Brian's bitch. He's made me laugh every second that he's been here. Architectural graduate working construction while he gets his masters. He's done a great job on the finish work.
The place is a disaster right now and driving me nuts with the dirt, dust, and stink but I know in the end it's going to be great! The Hubs couldn't stand that all this excitement was happenin while he was at work so he came home on lunch to help out, or stand around and supervise.
It's all good, he needs to learn how to use the $1500 worth of power tools he bought last year that he NEEDED so he could make me some flower boxes. I still don't have flower boxes. I'm going to make him bust them out and redo some bathrooms when this is all done.
Jordon spent most of his day one day 1 under those stairs putting up wainscoting and trim as well as trying to figure out how to make these ugly ass stairs fabulous.

At the end of the first day here are the results
Wainscoting up with a chair rail and almost ready for me to start painting.

Remember that horrid 1970's door? Here is the new one that I salvaged from my folks remodel job. It looks FREAKIN FABULOUS!
Makes the rest of my ugly 1970's doors look horrible. I got a new door knob ordered and it's going to be clear glass. I can't wait for it get here so I can see how beautiful it's going to be.

Franklin looking at the new door. Thinkin "hey what did you do with my door?" "I liked that old door, it never shut right and I could come and go as I pleased"

So can you guess what else I did while t he guys were working?
This whole construction thing has put a damper on Princess Lazy Ass blogging all day so this has to be short. I have painting to do and messes to clean up.
More pictures coming...............Stay tuned.................


April said...

Ooooh ... it is starting to come along! Love the new door ... so excited to see more!! Yay!!!

kal said...

I wanna come over!!!! It looks fabulous! I love the new walls.

WSU Laura said...

That friggin rocks and I cannot believe how fast they are moving. WOOO HOOO!

Laurie Anne said...

Lookin' good and the room isn't half bad either :0) Nothing like a little mid week eye candy hehe.
Seriously, can't wait to see more pics.

sheila from life @ #17 said...

Princess Lazy Ass...yes, I like that :)

...can't wait to see your new is already lookin' good..

Stephanie said...

Holy Moly Girl...... did you crack the whip with them boys?! LOL
Its looks great :)

Anonymous said...

Jordan's hot

Lisa said...

looks like quite the project over there!
Cant wait to see what youve got up your sleeve girl.
its rainin out here at the beach!
coastal nest