Friday, October 31, 2008


Because of our remodel mess and the fact that I can't just sit and blog all day without interruptions I thought I would post some pictures from Halloween pasts that still make me giggle.

I'm picking up Princess Spoiled Brat (my niece) today from school, then she's coming to stay with The Hubs and I for the weekend. We'll be doing the Halloween thing at WSU Laura's because she is the QUEEN of making holidays fantastic! Especially Halloween
So here are some pictures of Halloween Pasts for me. I'll have more pictures this weekend of our remodel, Halloween Party, and just funnin around with Princess Spoiled Brat. I was also graced with an award, a tag, and being boo'd by some bloggin buddies but I haven't had the time to reply or acknowledge them. Thank you ladies for thinking of me, I didn't forget about your gracious gifts I just haven't had time. I will get to them this next week.

My cute little pumpkins at the front door. These were my from my apartment days. When it was a cute little apartment, nothing to do but shop and mess around. Oh how I sometimes miss those days!
Princess Spoiled Brat (age 4) trying on her Princess costume, however she had to put her own twist on it with the puppy boots. The mess in the back ground was from the Princess Spoiled Brat Tornado as well as I was in the middle of moving with The Hubs in to our current house.

We made cupcakes one day. I was teaching her how to clean up properly.

This just goes to show she really is related to me. If I was 4 this would be what I would wear everyday too! The pink poodle at age 5. It was very cute.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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Laurie Anne said...

Sounds like you have some fun plans in the works, too bad it is raining. But then again, it wouldn't be Halloween in WA without a downpour.
Oh well, Happy Halloween :0)