Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On The Road Again

The Hubs and I are on the road again. This week we are off to Coburg and Eugene Oregon to see The Hubs family. 300+ miles and 5 hours in the truck.

Check out this artists work. Paige Bridges, I love her work! You will be seeing more of her work on my blogs!

The Hubs Dad’s health isn’t well so we are going down to see what exactly is going on and to spend sometime with him. His Mother and Step Dad are also here visiting from Florida and staying at his sister’s house so he’ll have a few days of seeing everyone. He hasn’t seen them since last summer when they came to stay with us.

I’m kind of excited about this trip. I will be going to some of these antique stores, and seconded hand stores that I read about on the blogs. A Thing For Roses and Auntie Joy were so nice to send me a list of places to go while visiting Coburg and Eugene. Auntie Joy is having a big ole open house this weekend that I'm dying to get to. I'm going to try and make it just so I can at least meet her.

If you have any places you would like me to visit between here and there please write to me. I'm always up for a new adventure!

We will be towing the mobile estate down, so stopping randomly on the way down is kind of a problem. The Hubs has a bit of a problem getting off course and stopping at God knows where, in downtown areas towing a 27+ foot trailer. I don’t know why? I don’t know where his sense of adventure is. I think he’s watched The Long Long Trailer too many times and doesn’t trust me. I’m excited to share my adventure with you next week as well as I’m going to have a little somethin somethin extra to share with you. Stay tuned!

What’s with the lack of posts this week Timi?

Well I’m playing catch up. Yes folks, Timi has bit off more then she can chew and over committed herself to a lot of people and now I’m playing catch up. Trying to get things straightened out, organized, ready, and back on track so people aren’t pissed at me. Well that, and I download Monopoly the other night on my computer and now I’m addicted and not getting a damn thing done! The Hubs and I sat up late last night playing that stupid game. Today…………I have got to get ready to go!
So stay tuned for some exciting stuff going on here at The House of B’s! I can't wait to share it with you. I know I have said this in past posts but this time I'm gettin my shit together and makin it happen!

Have a great day



Donna said...

What? No link to monopoly?

Lisa said...

Be informed girlfriend.. I will answer ANY question youve got about McCain Palin or for that fact.Obama.

Stay tuned, Ive gone off.Im not going to sit by and let my country get flushed down the liberal toilet.
coastal nest

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Oh how I envy your trip to Oregon.... what a glorious place...... and I just imagine a beautiful time of year....
Thanks for visiting me ...

Wanda said...

Hope Pop-in-law is OK.

Don't you just hate computer games? They're such a time waster. LOL I try not to play until I've done something constructive, then take a game break, but sometimes they are the reason nothing constructive gets done. And I won't even think about games that can't be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Stay safe!