Sunday, October 5, 2008

Public Lynching
Just Karma?

This doesn't look like the face of man who feels he was just given the shaft by our justice system?

Neither does this.

These look like faces of a man who just realized that maybe Karma just may have caught up with him.

I don't know, I'm just sayin...................

as reported by (click to read the whole story)The Associated Press;

This was just payback," he said of the verdict. "They were on an agenda."
Galanter and Stewart's lawyers promised to appeal, in part because unlike the predominantly black jury that decided Simpson's murder case, this panel included no African-Americans. Neither Simpson nor Stewart testified.
Simpson friend Tom Scotto, who wept in court, called it "a public lynching."

What do you think?

Public lynching? Karma catchin up?


Laurie Anne said...

Karma with a capital K.

Stephanie said...

K A R M A !
He finally got what was coming to him!

I will step off my soap box now , lol.....

awesome post by the way :)

Andrea said...



Hi Timi,
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get your chairs done and show us pic's. I found the sheets for the chairs at Homegoods, very cheap, I think they were on clearance, you couldn't have bought the fabric for the price I paid for them and I get two for one, the other sheet is on my guest bed!LOL.

kal said...

Karma all the way!!!!!!

Lisa said...

That bastard deserves every single thing he gets.

KARMA and man oh man she was pissed!