Monday, November 24, 2008

7 Days Until New York!

I can hardly think of anything else!

I'm so excited!
In one week I will be on a plane to New York City! I'm crashing WSU Laura's birthday trip with Genine and Michelle.
Yeah, I'm that friend! Princess Invite Myself.

I've been to New York once before. The Hubs and I went for a few days while he was there for work. It's been a couple years ago and I never thought in a million years I would get another chance to visit. We loved it so much and have talked about going back several times when we could really take our time. This is a huge treat for me and I can't even tell you how thoughtful it was of The Hubs to surprise me with this.
We want to see everything and do every tourist thing. Laura, Genine and Michelle haven't ever been there before so it's going to be fun. We are all giddy with excitement!

Now the real stress begins................WHAT TO WEAR???

When you spend all day in jeans and sweaters it's hard to come up with something fabulous to wear to the most glamorous city. Not to mention the whole Sex in The City thing has me thinkin this is how I need to look. I need to be on top of the fashion trends and stylish 24/7. SHIT! Are you kidding? That will never happen! I'm 43, over weight, my feet always hurt, and...............I already feel like the Country Mouse going to The City.

However if there really is a Naked Cowboy playing a guitar on the streets of New York, I'm pretty sure my jeans, turtle neck sweater, down vest and Danskos aren't really going to matter!
Have you seen those people dressed on the Plaza at the TODAY Show this time of year? They are all dressed like we dress here in Washington when it's a blizzard. I'm scared I don't have warm enough clothes for traveling this time of year to New York. YIKES! It seems to be much easier to pack for warm weather rather than cold weather when you live in a mild climate year round.
DAMN! Guess I'll have to do a little shopping before I leave!

So with my what to wear dilemma, we also have the where should we go first dilemma. There are so many choices we don't really know where to start. Of course we will be doing all the usual tourist stuff.


I would love to hear about your trip to New York.

What was your favorite;

Best Tourist Tip
Best Places for Star Sightings
How did you get tickets to show tapping's
Last minute Broadway Shows

I would love to hear from you.

My AAA doesn't have the inside scoop! Lots of discounts but not the inside scoop. That's what we need

Happy Monday!


kal said...

Please, please, please share lots of pictures of your trip with us. I have not been to N.Y. but have always wanted to go. Your going at the holidays! It will be beautiful. I'm so happy for you!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Just get yourself a fabulous coat and wear whatever is comfortable underneath!

A Thing for Roses said...

I wish I could give you some good poop on where to go in NYC. I was there twice on business almost 20 years ago. If I was going with you today, I would definitely try to hit the flea markets and go see the statue of liberty which I never got the chance to see before. I hope you have a truly fabulous trip and make sure to take lots of pictures to share with us.



Lisa said...

no idea, total country sure you will totally have a matter.
Happy T day, Timi!
coastal nest

Kath said...

Oh what fun! Anything goes, but I (being a jeans and sweater kind of girl too) have taken black clothes with a fab scarf both times I've gone and been just fine. Wear comfortable walking shoes and yes, Timi, there really is a Naked Cowboy in Manhatten! The Top of the Rock is a fun touristy thing to do.